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"I have very good connections."

Translation:Ich habe sehr gute Verbindungen.

February 25, 2013



'ganz gut' and 'sehr gut' sound the same to me!


To the German speaker there is a slight difference between them. I would always translate 'ganz gut' to something like 'quite/pretty good' and 'sehr gut' to 'very good'.


But "Ziemlich gut" means "pretty good" too.


Yes, it does. To me it is even stronger than 'ganz gut', but not yet as strong as 'sehr gut'.


"Ganz gut" = "extremely good", "Sehr gut" = "very good", "Ziemlich gut" = "quite good"


I think beziehungen can be also connections can't they?


I think it can be. But, for literal translation I believe: Beziehungen means relationships & Verbindungen means connections.


Ganz seems interchangeable with sehr in most contexts that I've seen it. I don't know how I feel about this.


Its like the difference between "really good" and "very good" in English. It isnt a very big deal which one you use as they are nearly identical. If you are in a conversation however, you should switch which one you are using every once in a while to avoid sounding too repetitive.


Why gute and not gut? Im rubbish


Because there isn't article preceding the adjective takes strong inflection, AND the verb haben take the Accusattive case with the direct object(Verbindungen is plural)in sum up Strong inflection+plural Accusattive Case=e; The Ending of gut=gute


Why not "Ich habe sehr guten Verbindungen." Isn't "Verbindungen" a plural form?


Yes, it's plural. Accusative plural uses the "-en" ending. (At least, when there's no article. An article would in fact use "guten": "Ich habe die guten Verbindungen.")


connections can also mean - Kontakte!


Ganz vrs sehr has been reported, unless someone can explain the difference. If there is one.


They are similar but don't mean exactly the same. It's a bit like the difference between very and pretty, with sehr being the word that is... Stronger (in lack of a better word to explain it). For example, if you ask somebody: Wie geht es dir? And they respond with: Ganz gut. They probably mean that they are good but it could still be better. If they say Sehr gut it usually means that everything is as good as it could be In addition to that ganz is something you'll hear more often in the spoken language than in written (official) texts.


Is there a difference between Anbindung and Verbindung?


Verbindung is a lot more versatile than Anbindung. Personally, I would only use Anbindung to speak about technical and maybe public transport, while Verbindung is a word that I use practically every day (it works for technical stuff and public transport too, but you can also use it to say that you know a lot of important people (which was my first interpretation of this sentence) and a lot of other things).


What's wrong with 'ziemlich gute Verbindungen'?


"ziemlich" means "quiet","rather", not "very"

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