"We are talking with you!"

Translation:Tunazungumza na wewe!

March 10, 2017

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How would you translate "we talk with you"?


It is said the same way. Swahili doesn't distinguish between present simple and present continuous.


Why is tunakuzungumza marked incorrect?


I'm not sure if it is grammatical is Swahili, but even if it is, I would translate that more like "I am talking to you." Na literally means with, whereas your sentence makes "you" an object.


(Ku)zungumza = to talk

The rule is you always lose the "ku", the same way you lose the "to" in English

E.g. Nina(-ku)zungumza = I (-to) talk

*EXCEPT when the verb is a one syllable verb ,in which case the kind "ku" keeps the lone syllable company.

E.g. (ku)la = to eat, Ninakula= I eat

Linguists have fancier ways of putting it, but that's how it works.


Tunakuzungumza would mean "We talk you" ... which doesn't make a lot of sense.

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