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  5. "Ninahitaji visu"

"Ninahitaji visu"

Translation:I need knives

March 10, 2017



This translation doesn't sound right. Where's the pronoun associated with "nina" - I?


I'm not sure I understand the question. Ninahitaji visu literally is "I need knives". It is a complete sentence and doesn't need a pronoun unless you really want to stress the I.


That was exactly my answer, but it was marked wrong. The apparently correct translation was "requires knives" - there was no pronoun.


I may be wrong, but I thought that "Ni" was the pronoun for 'I', and na was the tense indicator. Also, I entered "I need knives" and it was counted correct.


Think of ninahitaji like this:

Ni: I

Na: (present tense)

Hitaji: need

Also, Duolingo doesn't seem to ever accept answers like "Mimi ninahitaji" even though they are correct.


Hey so I was talking with a family member who used to speak swahili and I was told that people would commonly, if not generally, use "mimi na" instead of "nina-" when speaking about something they do. E.g. "Mimi nakula chakula" as opposed to "Ninakula chakula". Would this be correct, or is it colloquial? Thanks!


He meant that for the given Swahili "Ninahitaji visu" the given "correct" English translation was "need knives" instead of "I need knives". Reported 2017-06-04


You are allowed to say "Mimi ninahitaji visu", but Duolingo doesn't like to use pronouns in Swahili.


Report it. Obviously it is a translation mistake

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