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  5. 700 day streak!!


700 day streak!!

I never thought I was going to be able to do one thing for 700 days in a row, before doing Duolingo I was not able to focus on things and to compromise with things. Now, almost two years later I exercise Frequently, I keep an order and in my job I am able to focus without distractions. I am very thankful with Duolingo!!

March 10, 2017



Thank you!!!


Congratulations! Can't wait to be there myself someday :p


You certainly will!!


Hey, MrFrodo, we're almost the same! Good luck to you :)


Awesome !! Congratulations! I hope my streak is as long as yours someday :)


It will be on August 27th of 2019 if you keep going as great as until now!!


I think it's August 30th, 2018, right? 702-165 is 537 days behind, minus 365 days to get to this date next year (March 11th, 2018), and then there are 537-365=172 days left. 172 days from March 11th is August 30th.


YOu are totally right!!


Almost two years ..... Yessss


Yeees, in fact, that is my next goal!!


700 days! That seems so far away :(


But I started with 9 days too!! And in less that you expect, you'll be reaching the 100th day!!


I started with one.


Congratulations!! Wow, exercise, order, focus, and languages that is amazing. Congrats.


I am a completely different man!!



congrats! This is really cool!
Have a lingot from me ;)

Have you already registered on the Streak hall of fame as your streak will soon be 730 days / 2 years?

I am curious:
Have you been learning Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish all from scratch since you had registered on DuoLingo two years ago?

How have you learned those languages in a weekly / monthly schedule?
Sequentially? Some of those in parallel?

I am somehow fighting with my PT tree and Portuguese language and I am a little bit trying to reorder / prioritizing 22 DuoLingo grammar skills [alltogether with steady Memrise vocabulary learning (which takes a lot of time to re-learn e.g verbs 1, 2, 3)]: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20736135$comment_id=21041891 / https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20450828.
At least I have finally finished re-learning PT Present2 verbs on Memrise ;)

Learning (only) many more words (especially not the frequently used ones) will not help to write and especially speak?!?

But before taking ~22 grammar tense skills it probably would make sense to learn Present 3 verbs + Adjectives 2 on DuoLingo + Memrise first?!?...

.....and again: Much more water will flow down the river BEFORE I can concentrate my time on the important grammar / tense aspects for a real course progress :(

Sorry, but my personal feeling is, that those many words from many skills are just holding me back?!
Has anyone of you maybe experienced the same???
I already tested successfully the (locked) skill jumping (more down the tree) for some of the grammar tense skills, but DuoLingo works like expected:
Some words and tenses are suddenly shown from previous skills in later skills, even if you have not finished / learned those words before (words list).
At the moment I can NOT even imagine to have completed those 4 Romance language trees (including reverse tree, laddering...) one day, and for sure not within a 1-2 year timeframe, even not ~1 year for my PT tree with lot's of those many (for me that badly required) repetitions :-)

Well done!


Hi Tom!!

First of all I must confess I am kind of cheating, because my native languge is Spanish and therefore all the Romance Languages have been relatively easy to learn, in fact, know that I am studying German, I find it way to harder to learn.

Ok that being said I will explain the process:

I started with Italian on January 2015 and I decided to learn it from English, because I thought in this way I could improve one while I learnt the other, and for several months I just studied Italian, then when I was level 15 in Italian, (around June 2015) I started learning Portuguese, and my method was to learn both languages every day. It was very hard at first because I thought one when I wanted to write the other, but in the long run, it resulted to be great, because as soon as my brain made the distinction of languages, all the cognates shered from both languages started giving me hints of words I have never heart in portuguese, for example. At that time I started reading books in both languages and I understood most of it. Then at the end of 2015 I started with French, and it was very hard for me at first but I had a method: to keep doing the lessons Iven if I was frustrated, and it gave a very good result because now I understand most of what I listen in French.

As I told you, I have been learning Spanish since I was 6 month old, but I did it on Duolingo to earn some points, but I stopped on level 12 to dedicate my time to the other languages.

As you can tell, This last year I dedicated more time to French than to Portuguese, but I have been trying to learn all of the languages and to keep golden these three trees (Italian, French and Portuguese). Aditional, since October last year, I started learning German and I go very slow, but I don't give up, My idea is to learn a language every two years for the rest of my life, so I have time. And I started Esperanto on January, but I want to end German tree before continuing with Esperanto.

Regarding what you say about your difficulties to learn, I never had them because Portuguese, French and Italian have the same structure as Spanish, but if you want, I belong to a Portuguese Whatsapp group and if you like, I can request the adinistrator to add you. You just need to find my Facebook profile at my Duolingo profile and send me an inbox. Learning is easyer when you have someone to talk to!

One more thing, Reading these coment and the previous posts, I can tell that you tend to overthink, and that process, might be very helpfull in several professions, bunt it is not too much when you are learning a language, Is way to better to trust the process, and to let your brain learn even if you can't tell that it is learning, because when you overthing you make the process slower instead of faster. Just think about when you were learning German, you justpaid attention and applied when you had learn without paying much attention to if you had done it right or wrong (Wich you certainly did most of the times at first) and that presistence and desire to learn, took you to speak German with all the naturality, so keep doing the lessons and trust the process!! And if you have any doubts, you can contact me.


That's an awesome achievement, congratulations!


Yay! Good job!


You're welcome! ;)




Great work! And I agree with you. Making one commitment, like learning a language, can help you make more beneficial commitments and keep them up. Somehow Duolingo just seems to make it easier to keep your goals. I definitely owe a lot to Duolingo.


I totally agree, What they have done for us is immeasurable!!


Just 31 days (extra day due to the leap year last year) short of two full years. Congrats!


Indeed!! And my goal is to reach level 25 in Portuguese by that day!!


great success! congratulations!


Way to go! Congratulations and I wish you the best at 1,000 days! :-)


Asm we say in Mexico: If God lends me life, I will!!


Wow!! I can't believe it that must be amazing did duolingo do anything for you or something!!


Well done I would never be able to do that


Yes you are, you have the ability and the possibility within yourselv and mark mi words: If you decide it you will get 700, 1,000 or the amount of days you set yur mind upon.


No I'm not very good at going on Duolingo every night because I have loads of work to do


Yeah it's hard to keep up


Nice! I would be close to 500 now, but I sadly lost my streak when I went hiking in Sweden (af all places haha) last summer. Kungsleden, beautiful :D


It totally worth it!! If you ever have to travel again, contact me and I can keep your streak for few days!!


Felicitations, complimenti, and parabens!


Merci, Piacere, Obrigado, Gracias!!


There you go!!


AWESOME! :) I can't wait till I get my 10 day streak, and that means studying through spring break. Putting an alarm on my Ipod should help, but yikes!


The day will come that you will not need an alarm, that you'll feel the urge to do make some lessons!


SOOOO true I am yapping with friend and right now I feel the urge to learn some German!


Congrats for your 500!!!


Thanks a lot!!


i'll never get there


Never say never!!


Damn legendary. Teach me how to be like you


The idea is to be like you and find your own ways to keep going!!


Wow! This is awesome! Congrats!

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