"Machungwa bei ngapi?"

Translation:How much are oranges?

March 10, 2017

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Should the english translatiom say "How much are oranges?" I found it difficult to tranalate with the available words.


Probably, given that "price" is one of the hover hints for "bei". If you see it again, report it.

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    Yes. It is common to leave out the "ni" in simple statements and questions as is done here. But it needs to be there in English. It would not be a mistake to ask "Machungwa ni bei gani?" I do have a problem with "bei ngapi" and have reported it several times.


    Why do you have a problem with "bei ngapi"? Just wondering, as i try to understand what's right: bei ngapi / shilingi ngapi / bei gani. Seems like I'm missing something

    [deactivated user]

      For me at least, it's the difference between "how many" (ngapi) and "what/which" (gani). So "bei gani" to me means what price, while "bei ngapi" seems to mean "how many price", and so to me sounds incorrect, while "shilingi ngapi", how many shillings, sounds correct. There are some borderline cases, such as "Sasa ni saa ngapi", which is correct. Here it is as if the hours are countable. "Saa gani" if it means anything, to me would mean "what watch (or clock)?"


      it has to be "how much are oranges" as it is about the price!


      there is not an appropriate option in the REPORTs section. I've found this a number of times when I want to report an error

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