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how do I enable offline mode on my mobile?

Studying German on a Samsung S4. Last week, got a message to download offline mode, but I wasn't on WiFi and had to terminate it. Would like to do this ON WiFi manually but can't find the option of starting this myself anywhere on the phone or the web. Got a clue for me?

Also....if I do this, am I in any danger of having to "start over," or will the app recognize my current skill level (such as it is?) ;)

March 9, 2014



I am not an expert on Samsung phones but as far as I know the lessons get downloaded it automatically. That is DL always downloads the lesson that was up next when you were online last. If this is a new feature on the Samsung phone it might be that you have to update your app, but other than that I am pretty sure it works automatically. Maybe some other Samsung phone users can offer more detailed advice.


What I am looking for is a way to download the "core" of the lessons. I'm asking about this because last week during a lesson on my mobile phone, the signal dropped, and I was asked if I wanted to download an offline form of the course. It said that you should do this on WiFi and I wasn't on Wifi, so I terminated the download - and haven't been prompted for it or been able to find out how to otherwise initiate the process manually since. But it sounds handy!


I'm not completely sure if what I'm going to write is going to be helpful to you or not, but here it is. You're basically never in the danger to having to start over, because apparently the level, exp, streak and any other information like that is saved by DL, like your account information.

Everytime you open Duolingo app on your phone, with the internet connection, the information gets updated from the website and it then downloads any more lessons you're "eligible" to attempt. So once you have the WiFi on and connected, you just need to open the app.

If you download a lesson(or more), and attempt it, but don't sync it with the website, it doesn't update it with your account, then you could lose the streak and exp, maybe. Although, I'm not sure if you update it the next day or something, if they consider it an unbroken streak or not.

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