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"Muitas comunidades são contra a exploração."

Translation:Many communities are against exploration.

February 25, 2013



So "exploration" and "exploitation" are the same in Portuguese? Duolingo gives both for "exploração".


Yes, it usually depends on context. =)


On this context can i use it? Exploitation? They have the same meaning..vivisaurus


Maria "Exploitation" se refere a "exploração" no sentido ruim, quando você "explora" alguém, não é algo legal. "Exploration" é exploração no sentido se "Aventura", quando tu vais "explorar" a floresta para ver o que você vai encontrar, ou "explorar" uma caverna. Etc. Espero ter ajudado.


I'm not a native, but as no one else has replied... It looks like it does mean both:



Yes, are the same things, but in Portuguese have 2 means for this word, and 1 is really bad


Lots of communities was rejected too, but should be accepted.


I agree with you. I wrote "a lot of" and it gave it wrong.


I agree - "a lot" should be approved.


Don't understand the purpose of "a" in the sentence; plus the exploitation is good english


Contra+a..., but that should be a


I think they are talking about a specific exploitation in this case... that's what I'm assuming (you don't need the "a" in Portuguese either, but it does change the meaning a little if you remove it in either language). Hope it helps! =)


Why is it not accepting "a lot of communities are against exploration"? It sounds right to me!


Are 'a lot' and 'many' not synonymous as 'muito/a' em português?


Exploitation would probably be the best translation because all communities would be against exploitation but most communities would not oppose exploration unless it was for oil in the back yard.


I was marked wrong for "Many communities are opposed to the exploration." I don't know whether to report it because I don't know what it thinks is wrong. I don't know if it didn't like my including the definite article, which gives the sense that it is a particular case of "exploration" the communities are against, or if it didn't like my choice of verbs. All I can do is try some other combinations and see which get rejected. And I can never be sure the instruction I'm given by this machine is correct. In this AI world I very much miss having a real teacher.


It was the verb, "opposed to", that Duo didn't like. Takes the fun out when your teacher is a little stupid.


Porque não posso dizer: muitas comunidades estão em contra a exploração. Ou estão contra a exploração.?


You can't use two prepositions together (em contra). "estão contra" is also right.


How would you say "Many communities are against the exploration"? Would it be the same?

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