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  5. "Il boit."

"Il boit."

Translation:He is drinking.

February 25, 2013



Guys can you explain, what's the difference between "boit" and "bois" ? Please!


'Il' and 'elle' take 'boit', whereas 'je' and 'tu' take 'bois' :)


There isn't really a difference, both words mean drink, it just depends who is doing the drinking, if it (i or you) then it is "bois" if it is (he/she) then it's "boit". For the present tense verbs a trick i learned as a kid after learning the order of (je, tu, il/elle, ...) Was a sing-song chant "S... S...T" so you always remembered that the "t" at the end is for "il/elle" only.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe "boit" is for "he/she drinks". "Bois" is for "I drink".


Bois is also used for You, "Tu bois".


bois mean drinks and bois means drinking


It depends on the conjugation of the verb. When we conjugate a verb, for example parler. This is infinitive form. In sentences usually the last 2 are removed and they are replaced for eg: parler Je parle Tu parles Il/elles parle Nous parlons Vous parlez Ils /elles parlent The conjugations are below -er ending Je e Tu es Il e Nous ons Vous ez Ils ent -ir ending Je is Tu is Il it Nous issons Vous issesz Ils essent -re ending Je s Tu s Il (nothing is replacing) Nous ons Vous ez Ils ent

Note: there are many exeptions. In some verbs the last 3 letters are conjugated eg: -yer,-ger etc They have their own conjugations. ALL OF THE ABOVE IS FOR PRESENT TENSE They may change in tenses.


Would "it drinks" be wrong?


Because an"it" is not alive.


I suppose it could be used, e.g 'And now, the tiger. Surprisingly, it drinks.'


what is he drinking????


Why when i translated il ecrive (dont know if i wrote it ok), as 'he write' it was correct and when i translated il boit as 'he drink' it was wrong?



If you were marked correct for "he write" then that was a mistake by Duo.

"Il écrit" = "He writes" (with an "s") or "He is writing"

"Il boit" = He drinks" (with an "s") or "He is drinking"


Google it guys .. none of these comments has helped me!


What is difference between he drinks and he is drinking. Both are correct translations for Il boit. But in English these are separate tenses. (present and present continuous). Is there no concept of present/past/future continuous tense?


Word of advice English is not, even i hell,related to french in absolutely any way! Exept for that duo only teaches basic there will be more exeptions and tenses if you pursue further


Every time they say "Another translation is:" and I'm reminded of my eng teacher because he always try to correct my correct like LOL I'll only keep it short if I can

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