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  5. "Meza zinauzwa"

"Meza zinauzwa"

Translation:Tables are being sold

March 10, 2017



I hope I get this right. Natives please check !

kuuza - to sell

Ninauza meza. - I am selling the table(s)

Wanauza meza - They are selling the table(s)

Wanawake wanauza meza. - The women are selling the table(s)

familia inauza meza - the family is selling the table(s)

familia zinauza meza - the families are selling the table(s)

familia zinauza meza zao - the families are selling their tables

meza inauzwa - the table is being sold

meza zinauzwa - the tables are being sold

meza imeuzwa - the table has been sold

meza zimeuzwa - the tables have been sold


Thank you! I had no idea why and how this passive voice showed up. Your post cleared it up.


Maybe I am missing something somewhere, but I am not sure how they arrive at "zi" shouldn't it be "wa" - wanauzwa- Also in the notes for the N/N nouns class, none of the examples given begin with 'N'


Wa- is only for people and animals.

The N is more or less an underlying phenomenon. It's a prenasalising consonant mutation that takes place when it can ... the only prenasalised consonants in Swahili however are:

Plosives: mb nd nj ng
Fricatives: mv nz

So if a word stem begins with b d j g or v or z, it will have n (or m for b and v). W becomes mb, l and r* both become nd**. Aside from that, there is no prefix.


Its supposed to be 'being' sold


"are sold" and "are being sold" should both be accepted


If you think your answer should be accepted, use the "report a problem" function.


how do you know it is plural in this case?


Because of the 'zi'. Zinauzwa - they are being sold, inauzwa - it is being sold.


I was marked wrong for "the tables are sold" -- any explanation why?


They haven't added that alternative, that's all. Hit the report button when you come across things like this.


"The tables are sold" - was rejected why?


Okay I am not sure if i am right but this is my understanding.

I saw an example " Taa inatengenezwa" In this case i = The object prefix referring to "Taa" na = Present tense tengenezwa = Passive form of tengeneza

Hence i think same rule applies here.

zinauzwa: here the "na" after zi shows present tense.

Hence you need to "is being" sold


Are for sale should also be accepted

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