Going backwards

Not just points, which I think others have reported, but streak, lingots and levels too. Is this a new game? I am down 100 lingots, and a day's streak since this morning, and seem to have lost a level or not in one language, depending on where you look for the info. Which is confusing.

March 9, 2014


Hi Luscinda- We're looking into this!

Thank you. And today I have this, which shows me as having done nothing in all languages (it was the same on German etc) but still with the current levels. And I'm back to being asked to translate French to French again, despite there being, unsurprisingly, no articles to translate!:

And this, in which courses appear to have disappeared but I'm still shown as logged in. And getting French when showing the Italian page. :
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Hi there, Can you check your account again? I think you got into a bad state where your native language was French. The progress that you have with your Duolingo account is when you're learning French/German/Italian from English.


Hi Bren, the streak/lingots etc look as though they're back to normal and have been all day. It's not doing anything too odd at the moment.

Oh, and now I've suddenly switched involuntarily from English to Cyrillic set up.

Hi Bren

I'm getting this effect in Italian now - I haven't done a new screenshot, you can see the effect.

Followed by this:
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Are you logged in on multiple windows or in different tabs? Are you changing your language on mobile without refreshing the browser?

Not using a mobile, sometimes tabs. Often tabs, in fact. But I'm sure I was down to one tab when it did the last round of oddities.

Doesn't matter, I can always get round it. It's just odd.

Oh, and it's very nice to have an email congratulating me on a 74 day English streak, but it's not entirely true!

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