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"El gato duerme entre los perros."

Translation:The cat sleeps among the dogs.

February 25, 2013



Would it also be correct to translate this to: "The cat sleeps with the dogs."


If that's the intention you could just use 'con' instead of 'entre' but 'entre' means between as well as among, which gives more information than 'con'


"The cat sleeps with the dogs" = "El gato duerme con los perros"


And the result is CADOG!!


Why not "the cat's sleeping between the dogs"?


"duerme" is not the correct verb form for "sleeping". The cat is sleeping would be "El gato está durmiendo".


So "bebe" is okay for "is drinking" but "duerme" is not okay for "is sleeping"? I have translated "bebe" and "lee" so many times in the basic lessons as "is drinking" and "is reading".. hence the confusion.


"duerme" is just as good for "is sleeping" as "bebe" is for "is drinking".


Either way, I think any reasonably-intelligent Spanish speaker would be able to figure out what you were trying to say.


There's the truth of it.


Thanks, now it makes sense.


That's not the reason. If Duolingo doesn't accept "duerme" as "is sleeping", then it's a mistake.


dude 14 languages that's awesome


Duolingo accepts this all the time.


Yep maybe its not the correct form but i'm elementary in spanish. And i haven't learned yet continuous tense. I think it is about this.


Continuous is easy. Start with "estar" conjugated into whoever is doing something, and take a verb and replace the ar/er/ir at the end with "ando" for -ar verbs and "iendo" for -er/-ir verbs. For example, "Yo estoy cantando" means "I am singing", and "Yo estoy comiendo" means "I am eating".


You can still say, for example, "Usted duerme...", to mean "You are sleeping."...


In English, "among" suggests more than two (dogs, in this instance), while "between" usually means just two (dogs). Is there a distinction in Spanish, or does entre serve both purposes?


I wrote the cat sleeps among dogs. Marked me wrong.


@CookEmily - re: ...among dogs

You almost got it perfect. The only mistake is the missing definite article "the" in front of dogs. This particular "the" conveys that the dogs that are mentioned in the sentence are some specific dogs, as opposed to just any dogs in general.

In the case of the time and space constraints placed on Duo, we are not privy to any information contained in the context which a sentence like this may have been lifted from or the situation where the circumstances may have compelled someone to form this simple declarative thought (with or without the expectation of actually speaking it.)

So for us, the articles in the sentence give us very important hints as to what the circumstances may be. But alas, we just have to take them as they are granted to us and make sure to include them in our translations.

I'll capitalize article in question in the spanish version of the exercise sentence so that you can see it more clearly. It is the definite masculine plural article that is just before and agrees with "perros".

El gato duerme entre LOS perros.



So apparently 'the cat sleeps among dogs' is incorrect?


Yes, it's incorrect because you are missing the definite article to go with dogs.
El gato duerme entre LOS perros.
The cat sleeps among THE dogs.


If you refer to dogs in general, you do not have to use the article. "Blessed art thou among women"


How do you say, "The cat is sleeping among the dogs"?


Stealing from the answer above...

El gato está durmiendo entre los perros.

Please correct me if this is wrong.


Entre is like an entrance, nice to remember it by


@VilladsClaes - re: Entre...remember it by

I do the same memory trick for remembering how words sound and what they mean. Us native English speakers get a huge break in this regard because of the heavy influence of romance languages on English. Particularly Latin and French.

For me, I think of "entre" as the dish that is served "between" the appetizer and dessert. If I had to serve them I would laid them out in the proper order to serve so that the "entre" would be lined up "amongst" the other dishes.

I know, I know... it sounds stupid. But I rarely get "entre" wrong since I made that up.

[And now for some whining]

I wish other people would share their memory aids as well. They don't have to be factually correct or politically correct or historically correct or morally sensitive or obey the laws of physics or any of that kind of stuff.

Any good COMPELLING STORY AT STICKS IN YOUR HEAD will compete the objective, which is nothing more than remembering the right word and its meaning.

So come on everybody, share your memory aids. Who cares if people laugh or cringe at your story, I will thank you for sharing it either way. :)


One thing I've noticed, and please correct me if I am wrong, but in Spanish, phrases like "duerme entre" you do not pause in between the two words, but instead continue as if the e in entre were not there.


This is correct. The sounds run together, just like in English. Imagine saying "The elephant" - the "e" sounds run together.


What a brave cat... -_- CAT Rules! B-)


more like what an ignorant cat... :P

(btw thanks everybody for the lessons, this was very interesting to read)


I agree that entre also means between.


How is it possible to know that 'duerme' is to be used in plural not singular?


My answer: "The cat sleeps near the dogs." .... Why is this wrong, when "the dog walks NEAR the horse" was correct on a previous translation of "El perro camino entre los perros?"


Boi just because I didn't put "the cat" I put "A cat" and it counted it as wrong man you guys is site needs to be fixed.


AmI right in saying that dogs are always masculine but cats can be masculine or feminine?

[deactivated user]

    We get, I am a cat, i drink milk, and now this? I don't have a dog, but i used to have 3 cats, now one. Two of them slept in the same bed! XD


    Let's hope it will not end sleeping with the fishes too...

    [deactivated user]

      My cats don't like fish.


      Here entre is translated as among. Would it also be accepted to say, between?


      I" typed what I heard" ie in Spanish. It was marked wrong, even though the spanish was accurate!

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