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  5. "Matunda hayakuoza"

"Matunda hayakuoza"

Translation:The fruit did not rot

March 10, 2017



So haya = hawa for ji/ma? Did anyone know where I can get a list of the things? They don't have negatives for any noun classes except for m/wa in the tips and notes


Easy rule of thumb for classes outside M/Wa, just add ha-

M/Mi: ha+u/ha+i = hau-/hai-

Ji/Ma : ha+li/ha+ya = hali-/haya-

Ki/Vi: ha+ki/ha+vi = haki-/havi-

N/N: ha+i/ha+zi = hai-/hazi-

U/N: ha+u/ha+zi = hau-/hazi-

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