Translation:A cotton wrap

March 10, 2017



Here's an image I found searching through google for "kanga":


That's it! It can also be worn around the waist. Some people have one around the waist and a matching one on top. They can also be worn around your waist over your other clothes, like an apron for the bottom part of your body. They can also be used for tying a baby onto your back. So useful!


Kangas are great - I have a bunch. They start out stiff when you buy them, but get super soft after repeated washings. Apart from being beautiful and functional, I love the methali (Swahili proverbs) that are printed on them.


You need to fix you beta course. To translate "kanga", the only correct answer is kanga? Come on.


i think its kina like Ugali, where really ugali is just a thing, you know?


What else would you translate it with? I think they just want you to know that it is a common piece of clothing in Swahili speaking countries, even if there is no good English translation. I think that's good, and there's ought to be a few words like that when country contexts are different.


I still call it a citenge, the Tonga word for it, even when I'm using them in the U.S. There is no good English translation, but as PetterNord points out below, we do need to know what it is.


I thought it was spelled with an "h"- khanga


Do these always have to be cotton? In Nigeria, cheaper polyester ones imported from China are common. Is there a different word for non-cotton wrappers?

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