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  5. "Have a good evening Emilian"

"Have a good evening Emilian"

Translation:Jioni njema Emilian

March 10, 2017



How come i get it wrong when i say "mwema" inetead of "mjema"? Don't they both mean "good"?


The adjective -ema means "good". Depending on the noun class, different prefixes will be attached to the front. For all the versions of -ema, see this link on Wiktionary.


why have kuma na when its not used in the final answer.


The hover hints provide literal translations of individual words, and "kuwa na" is indeed the direct translation of the verb "to have." But in learning a language, you need to take into account context as well as the language patterns, and realize that literal translations don't always work (such as with this greeting). :)

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