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Romance Languages

Hello Duolearners, what do you think about the romance languages? Give your own opinion. Tell me what your favorite romance language is, your least favorite romance language and why? You can compare each romance language. What are the similarities and what are the differences? Rank each one from least to greatest/greatest to least. Be specific and tell me in great detail the qualities of the languages and what makes them unique. In case you don't what the romance languages are, here are some videos on how they sound like.

Romanian: https://youtu.be/dQlcTarkRBE

French: https://youtu.be/tB7zBFVuoS0

Italian: https://youtu.be/WvnSx6V3wew

Spanish: https://youtu.be/-f0OGMGL1QM

Portuguese: https://youtu.be/nDxoYgBxGn8

Catalan: https://youtu.be/9QMtwAD-EHw

March 10, 2017



I don't see catalan for eng speakers, but italian is the funnest for me! I like the way the italian words sound, I can imagine myself flailing my hands with a big smile as i speak. The only problem with italian is no one speaks it here norcal usa. spanish or spanglish (In the farming areas) rules here besides eng of course! the only other one i occasionally here is hindi and hmong. I would say french is a little different,(which is spoken in la and upper northeast by canada) I heard that it incorporated the Gaulish language with latin and that's why. (the French language offers some Gaulish loanwords. Today, French contains approximately 150 to 180 words known to be of Gaulish origin, most of which concern pastoral or daily activity.[43][44] If dialectal and derived words are included, the total is approximately 400 words, the largest stock of Celtic words in any Romance language.[45][46]) I hear the 2 languages to learn that help to better understand other romance languages are portuguese and italian.


I love the rythym of Catalan and Italian, like a constant song!

French is so sexy and classy! For example "Tu pues comme une chaussette" means "You smell like a sock" but it still sounds classy ;)

Spanish is so emotional! (not in a bad way) but if I was gonna fight with someone, I would want to do it Spanish

Portuguese sounds like an old woman with a cold...

Romanian sounds weirdly like Polish and they have this beautiful strain in their voice (a bit like Sia's voice cracks).


I forgot to rank them XD

  1. Romanian - I like it the most because the others are too straightforward. It sounds Slavic (at least to me it does), has a bunch of cases and three genders. Scho ye ne liubyty? ;)

  2. French - French culture, literature, basically anything fran├žaise is amazing XD

  3. Italian - Mainly because Italian-Americans are amazing ;)

  4. Catalan - Just barely better than Spanish

  5. Spanish - Especially Colombian Spanish

  6. Portuguese - Not that I don't like it but, it's fine.

P.S. The Slavic languages are better ;)



Lovely P.S.

#In response to ranking #1

I recall a lot of times non-Romanians (mostly westerners) making the assumption that Romanian is the gap between Romance languages and Slavic languages. Personally I don't agree with the statement on it's own, but it is true that a good portion of Romanian vocabulary words are Slavic at roots, thus making it the most Slav-like Romance language.
Fair enough, the Moldovan dialect of the Romanian language (especially the one spoken in the Republic of Moldova) has more (recent) Russian/Ukrainian loan words - due to an attempted assimilation during the Soviet Union, giving a new meaning to the "bridge" theory.


No what I meant was that it sounds more like a Slavic language when its spoken XD


Yes, I know :-)

It's true though, it sounds more like Slavic, and it is also the closest Romance language to Slavic..
sorry if I confused you! :\


Wonderful response!!


I personally enjoy Portuguese, Italian, and Catalan the most, Portuguese most of the three. I haven't played around with Romanian much, Spanish is just kinda meh to me, and I dislike French. Portuguese is my favourite because it just has extra "flavour", in my opinion, and I enjoy doing Portuguese from Spanish greatly. French... I've just never liked it. It sounds too... I don't know. It's hard to explain. It's just not my thing.


I'm so happy to find we have similar taste in languages. I always thought something was wrong with me because in the US, pretty much everyone says French is the "sexiest", most attractive language, and I just couldn't see it! I've listened to songs in French, but that's the only time I truly appreciate its beauty. When someone speaks French however, it either disgusts me or annoys me. Or like you said: 'It's hard to explain.'

But right now I'm forcing myself to learn French because I know I will need it later on since I have family members that speak it and I plan to visit France and Quebec in the near future.

1) Spanish (especially my Argentinian accent and dialect).

2) Italian -- I'm in love with the food, culture, country, etc.

3) Portuguese -- it's like a sexier, more alluring version of Spanish.

4) French -- very similar to my reason for liking Italian (i.e., the culture, food, countries, etc.).

** I haven't had much exposure to the other languages.


French always sounds to me like it all comes from the throat and the thought of speaking it gives me the urge to spit


try dutch there will be several pile of lugees on the floor once your done talking!


Romanian and French <33


My favorite Romance language is Italian, maybe because of the way it sounds. I'm honestly not sure, maybe it's my interest in Italy in general. I have to put both Spanish and Catalan in second place, because I like Spanish-speaking cultures and I like the way Catalan sounds as well. Portuguese is third, since I feel like it's a bit harder than Spanish in ways that can be a little more discouraging (especially with listening). French and Romanian are tied at fourth. I am a bit biased since I loathe French spelling and I honestly think French can sound harsher than it really has to be, however I see why it's appealing to most people. Romanian I don't have many strong feelings for, but it's an interesting mix of Romance/Slavic/Hungarian/Turkish influences, which it something that makes it rather unique compared to the other major Romance languages. I don't think I ever came across a Romance language that I actually hated, there's something about them that makes the family in general interesting.


Romanian has always been my favorite romance language and I enjoy the similarities it has with my second native language Aromanian which is going extinct. So my ranking is 1) Romanian 2) French 3) Spanish (preferably the Mexican version) 4) Portuguese 5) Catalan 6) Italian


I like French the most, as its sounds are very unique compared to the other Romance languages.

I think it would be a bit mean to pick a least favorite. But if I had to, it would be Spanish and Portuguese. Mostly because French has it's own unique sounds, Romanian sounds like slavic Italian, and Italian ( to me ), sounds like what defines the general sounds of the Romance languages.

Spanish, ( no offense ) to me, sounds like a lesser Italian with no other influence whilst Portuguese sounds like a Spanish with a tiny hint of French.

If you're wondering how I'd rank the languages numerically :

1. French

2. Romanian

3. Italian

4. Portuguese / Catalan

5. Spanish

They are all still nice languages, just my opinion overall.


my favorites

1st: French 2nd: Portuguese 3rd: Italian 4th: Catalan 5th: Spanish 6th: Romanian

[deactivated user]
    1. French - although it is not as widely spoken as Spanish, it remains my favorite language even after all the others. It is more difficult to pronounce than other Latin languages though I must say, that adds to its exoticness and intrigue.
    2. Italian - I'm actually torn between French and Italian. Since it isn't widely spoken I had some reticence to learn in the beginning. But now I love it! It's easier than French but it is so beautiful! It was also super easy to finish after Spanish and French.
    3. Spanish - I have been around Spanish speakers my whole life so maybe my familiarity with it prevents me from putting it higher on the list. But it represents a family language for me, so its importance to me is number 1 but it represented more of an obligation to me. So that moves it to number 3.
    4. Portuguese - I love this language but made the early mistake of trying to learn it with Spanish. To native speakers of these languages they are quite different. To English speakers they are easy to mix up in the beginning. Additionally, this was never on my radar as a desired language until only recently, so it is number 4.

    5/6. Catalan/Romanian - due to my lack of knowledge of either language I can't rank either of these.


    Portuguese and Romanian are my favourites. I just love the way they sound especially Romanian, it sounds so unique like a mix between a romance language and a Slavic lanuage. I do not know much about Catalan but it seems interesting and quite cool as well. The other romance languages I think are nice but they have never really interested me greatly maybe because they are so common and I hear them everywhere.


    I only have experience with French and Spanish personally (I'm a fluent Spanish speaker with a background of French speakers in my family). I respect both languages and do like both, however I have a much, much deeper love of French. That might be because of the family connection, or how it sounds/looks, I'm not really sure, I just love French more than any other language, even English. It's become quite the passion for me.

    I have significant experience with Portuguese too, but not as directly as French or Spanish. I live in a mostly-Brazilian town and my sister is in a relationship with a Brazilian man who has been teaching her (somewhat successfully) Portuguese. Therefore while I've never officially tried to learn Portuguese, I'm around it enough to have a basic knowledge of it. it doesn't ignite the fire in me that French does, but it's a really cool language that sounds much more beautiful than I think most people would expect. I plan on doing the Portuguese from French tree after I finish my French from English tree here.

    I don't have much exposure or knowledge of Italian, and at times I honestly forget that Italian is a romance language. I love the way it sounds, but I don't know if I would seriously consider learning it. Italian culture and history seems to inspire more curiosity in me than the language itself does. Who knows, though? Maybe the more learn about it, the more I'll enjoy it?

    I have absolutely no exposure to Romanian or Catalan, but their "exoticness" has always been extremely intriguing to me. I could definitely see myself attempting to take up either of these languages in the future

    Overall, I'd personally rank the romance languages: 1. French 2. Portuguese 3. Romanian 4. Catalan 5. Spanish 6. Italian


    Great response! Thanks for joining :D


    You're welcome! This was a really cool idea for a post, maybe we could have more like it on the slavic languages, the scandinavian languages, the asian languages, etc.


    Oh of course! That would be really fun! We should definetly have those discussions.


    I just have to say, Latin deserves 1st place, I mean... without it, none of these would exist! XD

    So IMO...

    1) Latin
    2) Romanian
    3) Spanish
    4) Italian
    5) French
    6) Portuguese

    ^ The ranking by no chance means that I like one language over the other, I'll say that Latin is the only true one that deserves first place, and then all the others fall under :-)
    I put them in the order that I know each language from 2 being the most to 6 being the least.


    Wow! Amazing response! I'm glad you included Latin. Thanks for joining :)


    it is what the Vatican uses !


    The clip you used for Catalan in my opinion didn't quite turn out well, the audio is sporadic and the voices are too cartoonish to make any fair assessment, but some of the other videos are kind of difficult to judge because they too are taken from rather odd moments from Hero 6, fun movie by the way, but voices are so all over the place, because it is an action cartoon after all.

    1. Italian.

    2. Catalan.

    3. Romanian.

    4. French.

    5. Portuguese.

    6. Galician.

    7. Spanish.

    Catalan doesn't get enough coverage, but it really is quite nice, I've always found it easier to pronounce fluidly than any other Romance language, although now my French sort of flows much better than it used to. Romanian is one that I would love to place higher, because it sounds so dang cool, but it is a really odd Romance language, not as odd as French, but pretty odd. I think that Italian just sort of reigns supreme as being the most comprehensible Romance language for any indo-European speaker, crystal clear and fun intonation.


    Hey, I'm sorry about the clip for Catalan. What I was trying to do was find the same scene in each romance language so we can compare them but with Catalan I couldn't find that scene. You can share a link if you would like!


    Personally I enjoy Galician (If that counts I'm not sure.) but if it doesn't I like Catalan, Portuguese and Romanian. Before that there all really equal for me so I don't really have a least favourite. Brilliant question!


    Galician counts because it is a romance language. I'm sorry I didn't add it. Brilliant response!


    Thank you! I'm following you too now. :)


    My rankings:

    1. Romanian Obviously, its the language im learning lol. I just love how it sounds like it's the illegitimate child of Spanish and Polish.

    2. Italian idk, i just love how it sounds. Also i have italian heritage so that's probably it. ACINI DE PEPE.

    3. Spanish This is the language i'm learning in school. It's pretty but also kind of boring imo.

    4. French hon hon hON i'm kind of sick of this language but it is sexy like gOD

    I dont know much about the other two so i'm not going to rank them

    1. Spanish: This language is the most useful and the easiest, in my opinion. The grammar is simplified compared to others, especially Romanian. It's perfect all around.

    2. Catalan: I love the mixture between French and Spanish. I feel as if it has the most interesting history of them all.

    3. Portuguese: It sounds the most exotic, but I prefer European Portuguese over Brazilian Portuguese. Brazilian Portuguese sounds like a ripoff Spanish to me. But I think Brazilian Portuguese sounds more melodic.

    4. Italian: The most majestic sounding. I have nothing against it, but I'm not very attracted to it. Compared to Spanish, French, and Portuguese it doesn't have much use.

    5. Romanian: The closest related to Latin in terms of grammar. But yet, that grammar is harder than the rest.

    6. French: I dislike the sounds of this language and it has very little logical phonetics compared to the rest. I don't find it romantic at all.


    lol my favorite romance language is haitian creole.


    I wonder. Maybe Creole languages should be classified with the origin of their grammar.

    1. Spanish: I hear it a lot where I live 2. Romanian: I have heard a lot of singing in Romanian 3. Italian: It sounds very entertaining. I don't like French at all. It sounds like the person is mumbling the whole time.


    Spanish is my 1st favorite romance language ( mainly because I have spoken everyday for the last three years and I love the way it sounds and it's pronunciations, also it is the 2nd most spoken language in the world). As far as my least favorite goes, I'd have to say French, but then again I've really only studied Spanish and just heard bad things about French pronunciation, lol.

    1. Romanian
    2. French
    3. Spanish
    4. Italian
    5. Portuguese
    6. Catalan

    Spanish, Portuguese and Italian all sound the same to me. I don't even know what Catalan is.


    I agree with your ranking, except I would put Italian 3rd and Spanish 4th. That's just my opinion... But all the romance languages are beautiful!

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