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Suggestion: Extra Duolingo App

Just as Duolingo.com has its own app, I believe it would be a good idea to add an app for the website that houses the languages in incubator. I know you could just bookmark the website, as I have done, but to have an app for the languages in the incubator would be awesome. I frequently check to see the progress of languages in the incubator.

Thanks Duolingo, yours truly: Albania98

4 years ago

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Hi Albania98! This is a good topic, but I believe that contributors would find it hard to work on a small screen, such as an iPhone or iPad. It would also be a bit of a pain to fund an app that works as a progress-recorder, keeping track of how well contributors are doing. Instead, I think it should be a tab that is included in DuoLingo itself! This is 100% your idea, I'm just adding what I think should be added! Voicing my opinions! :)

4 years ago