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  5. "¿Vas a elegir el vino?"

"¿Vas a elegir el vino?"

Translation:Are you going to choose the wine?

March 9, 2014



I am going to chose to drink it


Vas a elegir el vino? no, yo prefiero la cerveza por favor.


Is "are you going to choose wine" ok? Because it could be in general, such as "me gustan los gatos" can mean "I like cats (in general)" as well as "I like the (specific) cats.

Reporting it just in case


I think the question is "Are you going to choose THE wine?" (That we are going to drink) not "Are you going to choose wine?" (rather than beer) It is el vino, not just vino, for a reason. Gustar is a special case, where the subject is supposed to have an article, even though I have heard many native speakers omit it.


Thank you to both of you. A lingot each!

By the way, just a not-so-gentle reminder to everyone to be nice. My question was genuine and not necessarily a stupid one either due to the way Spanish uses the article "the".

Do not downvote unless it is clutter or offensive. The downvote system is there for a reason, which is to organise the forum so the most useful comments are at the top so it is easier to find the answer to a question. I am sure I am not the only person who will ask this. By downvoting me, you are really only doing other people a disservice.


I have the same issue as does Meredith. There is no context here to determine whether the article signifies a specific wine, or whether it differentiates wine from all other beverages. I have confusion still about when the definite article should/could, be used specifically or might indicate the abstract.


meredith- No you're wrong. In this sentence they ask him if he'll choose the sort of the wine they'll drink. He already knows that they'll be drinking wine. In your way, you're asking, will you choose wine ( or something else to drink).

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No, you can't rule out the other option. Do you think that Spanish would not use the definite article in that case? Can you support your opinion?


Why not "Are you going to choose wine?" as in which kind of wine


Do both elegir and escoger work the same here?


Weird. The woman stutters when you press the "play slower" button. She sounds nervous.


How does the word "will" translate here......is not vas ...you are going


Vas could also mean will, as they are synonyms. For example, "Are you going to have a sandwich for lunch?" and "Will you have a sandwich for lunch?" mean the same thing. "Are you going" is the literal translation, but "will" means the exact same thing.


there are children here


are you choosing the wine is correct


"Are you choosing...." is not a great translation because it is present progressive tense and this exercise is for future tense using "ir". The word "choosing" implies something happening at the moment. Of course, we Americans sometimes use present tense when we mean future- e.g., "Are you buying groceries tomorrow?" however, Duolingo prefers the translation that has the parallel grammatical construction whenever possible. The direct translation of "vas a ..." is "are you going to...". I believe that "Are you choosing" would be "Estás eligienda."


Claroooo...... Y estas pagando verdad?


Chose / select both have the same meaning


Why is there SO MUCH emphasis on the consumption of alcohol in these exercises? Is it really necessary when there is a great big, fabulous language to learn that doesn't include potentially harmful or illegal activities?

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Great point. Lingots for you!


Left the 2nd "o" out of choose, why not just a typo?


It's easy to think of elegir as "elect".


Why is "Will you choose a wine?" a wrong answer?


This is what was presented to me .

¿ Vas a to choose he came ?

I am abandoning this segment


What do you think guys about "select the wine"? I am not a native English, nor Spanish speaker, but I translated as - "are you going to select the vine" - incorrectly. Any thoughts?


yes, and get very drunk afterwards because i am under age

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