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  5. I completed my French tree!


I completed my French tree!

I completed my French tree, now I need to get all the branches gold again.

March 10, 2017



What is this French Tree all about? Can anyone help me with this query


When you finish a language course, you've actually finished its tree!


Wow! Nice job! How many xp needed?


Well, I'm a little over 4900, but over the last few weeks I have been doing quite a few strengthening drills, so that added to my XP total. It still think it can be done with somewhere around 4200 XP points if you don't do any strengthening drills.

I've got a lot of tree branches that aren't gold now (probably over 30 by now), my task for next week is to get my tree gold. That will probably get me close to level 14. Level 25 is a LOOOONG way from here, though!


Huh. How can you see how much xp you have?


Look at your profile, it shows that you currently have 1623 XP points in French, less in other languages. Its possible to see how many lingots someone has, too, but I don't remember how to do it.


no problem. BTW, I like to bake, too. (I also do most of the cooking, since I worked at home before retiring)


Great place for a bakery! Have you been to the King Arthur Flour bakery in Norwich? Yum!

If you're going to work in a kitchen, learn spanish, that's the dominant language among kitchen workers. French is also good, especially if you want to study with top chefs/bakers.


I will have my own bakery. And I am trying to learn spanish.




Nice work! Keep it up!


Fantastic! Keep on keeping on! :)



But what's an XP point? I think I have only levels, lingots and percentages of fluency. Incidentally, how are percentages of fluency related to levels? I generally have the same levels of French and Spanish, but about 10% higher fluency in French (which I do know better).

And it's interesting that one can complete all the exercises and still be only halfway through in levels. So once one has reached Level 25 the branches stay gold?


As long as we forget things, our branches will never stay gold all the time.


So one can never finish the course?


The rate at which they need to be done eventually slows down a lot.


You finish a course by completing all the lessons, but what I'm saying is that you can't remember certain parts of the course if you don't practice often. Even if you finish the course with all of them being gold, you will forget many of the words if you don't practice.


Cool! I started like, two days ago. How long did it take you?


So when your tree is complete you don't have any new lessons? Mine is complete (just found out) but I'm only on 44% fluent. Do you just have to keep going over your old lessons to get your fluency to increase? Are there no new lessons to come? Congratulations btw :)


Unless they revise the tree (which happens infrequently, though there was a rumor the other day that there may be some revisions coming in the French tree), once you finish it and have your owl trophy, you're done except for getting and keeping it 100% gold.

I find getting it 100% gold may be at least as challenging as completing it was, and I'm learning/reinforcing skills every day.


Congrats and Bravo!

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