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Luxembourgish Lessons #27: The Passive Voice, Ep. II: Imperfect Tense

Welcome to number twenty-seven of the Luxembourgish lessons, which will continue discussing the passive voice, but this time how to form it in the imperfect tense.

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Forming the Imperfect Passive

The imperfect passive is rather self-explanatory: It's a passive verb, but in the imperfect tense (i.e. was (being) ___ed). Forming the imperfect passive involves two parts: the perfect participle of the main verb and the imperfect conjugation of the auxiliary verb ginn (shown below):

Last lesson, I showed how a verb like iessen (to eat) would be conjugated in the present passive:

Now compare that to the imperfect passive:

Unlike the imperfect active, all verbs have a imperfect passive form.

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March 10, 2017

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Dat ass ganz gutt, merci!

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