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"Das ist der Alkohol meiner Großeltern."

Translation:That is my grandparents' alcohol.

February 25, 2013



I put in "That is my grandparents' alcohol" and it was 'corrected' such that it would not have the apostrophe.

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This is a bug in the software, nothing the course contributors can do about it. Please report a bug to Duolingo staff.


How do you report a bug in the software? When I started a few years ago I recall seeing a button to do so; but after a few software updates, the "technical issue" button has disappeared.


Perhaps you or mizinamo could tell us how to report a software bug to the staff. I searched around and succeeded in doing that months ago, but I don't remember now how I did it. Some people might try and not succeed in the amount of time they're willing to devote to it. Having a simple description here would really help, because surely the more people who report it, the more likely it is to be corrected.


mizinamo, OK, but your reply is the only place I now see this link. Vielen Dank!

I have now copied it and put it in my offline notes.

(edit) P.S. I have never used a mobile device for Duolingo. I always use a desktop computer. Your reply (below) may help others, though. :-)


Don't use mobile devices with Duolingo :)

The apps don't show you the tips+notes and I believe they don't let you use links where the link text was changed.


Now I find this out! Well, good to know that a desktop is preferable for this, thanks.


I filed one. Thanks for the link.


I just discovered that Duolingo ignores all whitespace and most punctuation. These are all equally acceptable:

"thatismygrandparentsparentsalcohol" "That 'is' my GRANDparents alcohol!" "That is my grandparents' alcohol.... :)" "t h A t i S M y G r and P a r E n T S ' a' l' C o... h O l !?!?"


Well, I always get a notation.. you missed a space when I do. You are right about the capitalization, or lack thereof.


In this exercise, the same thing happened to me. In another exercise in this section, it was marked wrong when I typed "That is the grandparents' house."


It's a shame that Duolingo is teaching Grammar and incurring in such a mistake... It's very sad less and less people know how to properly use apostrophes. This doesn't help, of course.


Grandparent's alcohol is correct English


It would be if this was about one grandparent. Since it's about Grosseltern, which is in the plural form, the apostrophe must come after the s. In either case, Duolingo is missing the apostrophe from the lesson (not from this page) entirely. I filed a bug report to them about it a while ago, so it should be corrected at some point.


If you answer with the translation offered above "This is my grandparents' alcohol." Duo marks your answer as having a problem, and says that the correct answer is without the apostrophe. If you then click <Report a problem>, the options Duo offers are: The audio does not sound correct. The dictionary hints on hover are wrong or missing. The German sentence is unnatural or has an error.

None of these choices is correct. In other words, you can't report the problem.

You can avoid this problem by translating the sentence as "This is the alcohol of my grandparents." This is grammatically correct but a bit stilted.


Exactly, formerly, the report a problem button had space to write out the exact problem, for some strange reason, they took that away. Another issue is when there is NO SOUND, quite hard to type what you hear.. Again, nowhere to report that problem. Not everything fits into the three choices offered.


Duo probably eliminated the space to describe in writing the exact problem because they were overwhelmed with input. I hope they'll reinstate this function, even if they have to limit the number of characters and offer it only when the problem is Other.

I've never experienced NO SOUND. I think, when that happens, you're supposed to apply your GESP (German extra-sensory perception). 8-)


Yes, it mainly occurs in the German units, I don't think I have had it in French, or Spanish..I have experienced this a lot..


I have experienced the lack of sound in both German and Spanish; however, I have been able to correct it by going to System Preferences, Sound, and changing something and then changing it back to what it is supposed to be. Sometimes the sound volume has been turned off, even though I haven't touched it. I am using OS X (Yosemite) on a Mac, and I have had similar problems with earlier versions of iOS on my phone. The problems usually occur after I have used my ear phones and then unplugged them. Since I have had the same experience with other software, I thought it was the operating system, rather than a Duolingo problem. Occasionally, I have found that waiting a few minutes resolves the problem, but it seems to resolve immediately if I go to the sound preferences. I hope this information helps!


"This is the alcohol of my grandparents" was marked wrong. Reported


The option to describe the problem yourself is still available in the Android version of the mobile app! I know this doesn't help everyone, but I always report bugs in as much detail as I can when I see them. Hopefully, this function will return to other platforms soon, so you don't all have to just hope that the few of us who can report bugs actually do.


When do you use "meiner"?


On this page, the English translation for this sentence is correct: grandparents' - with an apostrophe at the end. In English, when the noun is plural and ends in s, we add only an apostrophe to the end of the word to indicate possessive case. However, in the exercise itself, when I typed the word grandparents' with the apostrophe exactly as it is above on this page, the system counted it wrong and returned the correction "This is my grandparents alcohol" (without apostrophe), which is incorrect English. I clicked on the "Report" button, but the software does not give an option to correct the English - or even to report "other." We can only hope that someone from Duolingo will eventually read these comments and fix the error.


Territech is correct. The apostrophe is needed in English.


It is the alcohol of my grandparents. What is wrong with this?


Nothing, but genitive is generally preferred in English and German alike. Maybe duo is picky about the 'it is'.


Das does not mean it. You should use this or that.


Duolingo does not accept "It is...." You need "This" or "That." Otherwise, "of my grandparents" is correct, but sounds odd in modern usage.


Just reporting again that Duo is marking a final apostrophe in an answer as incorrect (" grandparents' "). It appears that the problem is only occurring with an apostrophe when it is the last symbol in the sentence.


Probably missing something right in my face here, but how do you know that it's the grandparents alcohol instead of something along the lines of " this is the alcohol my grandparents"?


Just like in English the German genitive is used to indicate possession.


You would need "This [or that] ] is the alcohol of my grandparents." to be correct in English. You omitted the "of".


Come on, you could at least came up with some more convincing reason! :O


Excuses excuses...


The apostrophe problem seems to be still occurring four years after it was reported. Not good!


It's a problem with how the software handles apostrophes. There is a solution but not one the course contributors can implement. You need to report the problem to the Duo staff, which is not the same as clicking Report or Melden. See my reply to sarefo above.


In English, the possessive of grandparents is grandparents' .


Why 'That is alcohol of my grandparents' is incorrect?


Why 'That is alcohol of my grandparents' is incorrect?

der Alkohol = the alcohol

You left out the word "the"


The options given do not include any that are gramattically correct. There needs to be an apstrophe.


That is the alcohol of my grandparents. This was again marked as incorrect. Duo needs to get better.


So, can it also mean 'This is the alcohol of my grandparent' ie singular=one grandparent (grandparent's alcohol)-How to distinguish singular(feminine) from plural in German, when there is no specific noun ending?


No, Großeltern is always plural and "meiner" is the genitive form of the pronoun for feminine or plural words. Always check the endings of the words describing the noun for changes that show number, gender and case. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Gro%C3%9Feltern

http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-german/grandparent "Großelterneil" is a masculine word meaning "grandparent" that would take the pronoun in a different genitive form: "meines".

It may be more common to say "of one of the grandparents" or "einer der Großeltern". Keep in mind that "er" ending for the words describing a plural noun indicate genitive. So it is not "er" ending here to show Nominative masculine. If the plural noun were in Nominative case, we would have "meine Großeltern".

Here is where you can see all of the forms of the German "my":



The answer by allintolearning is very helpful and accurate. To add one thing, note that usually if only one grandparent is being referenced one would use either "Großvater" or "Großmutter".


Bug in the software


What kind?

What happened?

What should have happened instead?

Your report is very non-specific.


grandparents shoud have an s apostrophe "grandparents' "


Evan1984, notice this has been mentioned above in this section with information that it is a software problem. Please read the other responses.


Why not "liquor" instead of "alcohol"? The Oxford dictionary translates "liquor" as "Alkohol". Of course, we could be talking about rubbing alcohol, but I think liquor is equally valid. I have submitted it.


True, one of the Oxford German Dictionary's translations of the English word "liquor" is Alkohol. But the exercise is to translate German to English, not English to German. The OGD's only translation of Alkohol is "alcohol." This often happens in translation: the best or only translation of a word or expression A from language 1 to language 2 is B, while possible translations of both B and C from language 2 to language 1 include A. This does not give you license to translate A as C. Of course, a translator might choose C for poetic reasons or whatever, but Duolingo expects an accurate, more literal translation.


This misses the point. Does the German sentence refer to whiskey, brandy, etc? Then the translation is "liquor," "booze," "spirits," or such. Don't take dictionary entries out of context. That is a very elementary student error. "Alcohol" is a chemical (in this case, ethanol). Do the grandparents have a bottle of 200 proof spirits? Methanol? Rubbing alcohol? Or a stash of booze?


The word "grandparents" should have an apostrophe at the end as indicated by Pato_Tonto.


Possessive 's missing in English translation


I'd like to see apostrophes used in the English possessive.


i have the same problem with the apostrophe


yeah this is missing an apostrophe


I am going to firmly claim that 'That is my grandparents' booze' should be accepted! :)


I said "liquor". Saying "alcohol" (unless you're referring to alcohol produced for medical use) seems unnatural in this context.

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What rule or detail am I missing here? The correct answer Duo gives (for "This is my grandparents' alcohol") is, "Das ist der Alkohol meiner Großeltern." I thought we should also enter an "S" at the very end -- hence have, "Das ist der Alkohol meiner GroßelternS." Thanks. (23 Nov., 2019)


I thought we should also enter an "S" at the very end -- hence have, "Das ist der Alkohol meiner GroßelternS."


Adding -s in the genitive case is common for masculine and neuter nouns -- but not for feminine or plural ones.

Großeltern is neither masculine nor neuter; it's plural. Thus -s in the genitive is not correct.


Should have the apostrophe after 'grandparent' i.e. grandparents'


This is not a bug. It is a mistake.


There should be an apostrophe....the saxon genitive....grandparents'...of my grandparents


What's the deal with the apostrophes? Why are there none? I mean, we're supposed to be studying GENITIVE :-)


This is the alcohol of my grandparents. What is wrong here, answer, please.


Duo wants you to learn how to show possession in German. To prove you understand the German, you must convey possession in English. The way to show possession in English is to add an apostrophe and an s to the possessor. You add 's for a singular noun, or just an ' for a plural noun ending in s. My friend's house, my husband's car, the cat's milk, my grandparent's alcohol (singular) or my grandparents' alcohol (plural). In the USA we would never use "of" to show possession. If this is common in other English-speaking countries, then you can report that as an error, and Duolingo will eventually add your translation to their database. But I'm not aware of any region where possession is shown in English by using "of". "This is a picture of my grandparents" means that the grandparents are depicted in the picture; it does not reveal who owns the picture. I cannot imagine a context in which one would say "The alcohol of my grandparents" in English. What would that mean?


No apostrophe in the answer

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