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"kununua dawa unahitaji cheti cha daktari"

Translation:To buy medicine you need a doctor's prescription

March 11, 2017



A doctor's prescription.


Not in Tanzania!


Tanzania is not an English speaking country.


What does that have to do with it?


People from English speaking countries use definite and indefinite articles, or not, as appropriate. People whose first language does not have these frequently do not use them when speaking English. This applies to all Bantu languages, of which Swahili is but one of many. This applies to some Asian countries.


Ah, I understand. But I don't think jrh008's comment was on my post about the need for an article, but about the need for a doctor's prescription. So it seemed like you were trying to explain why they don't use prescriptions for buying medicine by saying TZ is not an English speaking country. Had that been the case, it would have come across as quite a prejudiced comment. I'm glad to see that was not the intention :)

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