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is possible change linguots for losted hearts when you are doing a test?

i want to go to next level but i always lost my hearts when i am at the final of the test. I have some linguots but i don't know how change them for new hearts! someone can help me?

March 10, 2014



Go to the store and buy a heart refill (only four lingots)


you need to buy the heart refill before you are doing the lesson, I believe. Within the lesson you can than choose to use it, or not use it.


You have to buy a heart refill before the lesson. Go to the lingot store: https://www.duolingo.com/ and buy one heart refill for 4 lingots. Enjoy!


You cannot use a heart refill when attempting to test out of a skill. The idea is that if you need a heart refill to test out, you should instead practice more by doing individual lessons.


yeah! now I understand taht! thanks

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