"Who is who?"

Translation:Ai là ai?

March 11, 2017

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It was an old gameshow, very old that I do not remember what it is about.

Also, it is a Vietnamese lesson at school: about the structure like "TôiHuy", each part can be an answer for question "Who?".


Just curious. Do you even use this question? :)


Not really. Duolingo seems to specialize in language usage no one actually uses.


In English its fairly common...networking at a business event, you turn to your friend and ask, "Alright, who is who?" More specifically we'd ask "Who is everyone?" But same, same, lol...


Well, I use it when talking about "someone" (ai đó) and "Ai là ai?" is to confirm who that is.

Eg: - Ai đó ăn quả táo này. (Someone eats this apple.) - Ai là ai? (Someone is who?)

You can also use "Ai đó là ai?" but the above is just enough.


A says: Ai ở đằng kia vậy? (Who is over there? (I don't know that person)) B says: Ai là ai? (Who is over there? (I don't know who that person is too))

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