"Ми рекламуємо новий ресторан у Києві."

Translation:We advertise a new restaurant in Kyiv.

March 11, 2017

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"We are advertising a new restaurant in Kyiv." should also be accepted. Sounds better.


in Ukrainian both 'we advertise' and 'we are advertising' means actually the same

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    The present simple doesn't make sense in the this specific case, but the present progressive does.


    You say: "in Ukrainian both 'we advertise' and 'we are advertising' means actually the same".

    "We advertise" and "We are advertising" are English, so how they are expressed in Ukrainian is irrelevant. If something is "new" you can't use the English 'present simple', because being "new" is clearly a temporary state, so its involvement can be only "right now" (present continuous).

    By contrast, you could say "We advertise new restaurants in Kyiv", because there could be a succession of new restaurants, each of which is advertised while it is "new".


    Fun fact: In Slovak, reklamovať actually means to put back in the shop, or something. xD


    The word for advertise рекламуємо - can it also mean 'recommend'?

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