"Write well"

Translation:Andika vizuri

March 11, 2017

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kuna kitu sielewi na watunzi wa kiswahili apa. unaposema "andikeni vizuri" unatumia wingi katika sentensi hii. hivyo hivyo mtu anaposema "andika vizuri" anatumia umoja katika hii sentensi. mbona umoja ni makosa na wingi ni sahihi ilhali sentensi haijaonyesha iko katika mnyabuliko gani? wingi au umoja?


Yafaa kukubali kwa umoja na wingi. Swali lina hitilafu.


When directed to translate "Write well" in english to Swahili, there is no way to know if the subject being directed to write well is singular or plural. When I answered "Andike vizuri" it was marked incorrect because I was supposed to know (somehow) that it was a plural directive. Does anyone else recognize this as unclear? Asanteni!


How do you know that -zuri takes the ''vi'' prefix in this sentence?


-zuri is an adjective meaning "good," but here you need an adverb meaning "well." To modify adjective stems into adverbs to describe "how" something is done, you attach the prefix “vi-" (or sometimes "ki-"). So in this case, "vizuri."


vizuri, vibaya....well, wrong....( Not - good, bad ) They are out of according with the classes of nouns.

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