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  5. "Noi suntem grei."

"Noi suntem grei."

Translation:We are heavy.

March 11, 2017



Heavy / diffficult

Gender - singular - plural

Masc. - greu - grei

Feminin- grea - grele

Neutru - greu - grele

  • Which presses against the surface on which it is standing; Which has (high) weight; Which weighs a lot.
  • Which is burdened, burdened, loaded.
  • (fam.) Pregnant.
  • (About clouds) of black, rain and storm.
  • (Parts of the body) that seem to press (due to fatigue, illness, mood, etc.).

Are capul greu. - He has a heavy head.

  • (About food) that easily produces indigestion; Which is assimilated by weight.
  • (About smells) that produces a feeling of inconvenience, respiratory failure etc .; (About air) that smells bad; loaded; (P.ex.) Overwhelming, overwhelming.
  • (About sleep) deep.
  • (About night, fog, etc.) dense, compact.
  • Which is done with weight, which requires great efforts; difficult.

Muncă grea. - Hard work.

  • (About roads) that can be crossed by weight.
  • Which is understood, is learned with great efforts.

Poezie grea. - Poor poetry.

  • (About suffering, troubles, circumstances, etc.) that is suffering with great suffering, with great weight;
  • (About disease) that brings great suffering and heals with great weight or heals; serious.
  • (About insults, punishments, etc.) seriously From Wiktionary



Gender - singular - plural

Masc. - gras - grași

Feminin- grasă - grase

Neutru - gras - grase

  • Un om gras. - A fat man
  • Carne grasă. - Fat meat


Could this also mean "We are fat"?


In a litoral sense, no. 'Grei' comes from 'greu' = heavy or difficult. 'Gras' is fat, and changes to 'grași' (or grase for fem.) in the plural... So "we are fat" would be "noi suntem grași".

In English, we might use 'heavy' to avoid offending with the word 'fat'. I don't think Romanian uses this meaning; certainly no reference to it in the big Teora dictionary...

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