"You ask your brother for a book."

Translation:Tu îi ceri fratelui tău o carte.

March 11, 2017

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A question about word order: "Tu ii ceri o carte fratelui tau" was marked wrong. Is the sentence wrong, & if so, why?


That should be fine too. Most likely, the authors included only the translation which has the same word order as the original sentence.


why not fratele tau?


Because "fratele tău" is the nominative/accusative form. Here, since "your brother" is the recipient of the action "to ask", we are in the dative form. Morever, it needs to be articulated because of the possessive. The articulated dative form of "brother" is "fratelui".


I think that "fratelui tău" is in this case in the genitive form, with the meaning "you ask for a book from/of your brother". Genitive is case about possession (of/from) and dative is the article used when describing to whom/what reffers something (to/for)


Why is întrebi not accepted?


Because "intrebi" means "ask" in the sense of "ask a question". In the context of this statement "ask" has the sense of a request or a demand, & in Romanian that sense has a different word.


Why is "fratelului tău" wrong?


That's not a valid word in Romanian. You can check the declensions for "frate" by clicking on the "declinări" tab here.

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