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Immersion feature requests

Immersion sentences can go through a slew of revisions. And guidelines aside, I do not blame people who edit a sentence without looking at prior revisions.

They should look, of course, if they are going to edit during a proofreading session. But sometimes they just do not. I got upvoted today on a translation I did 10 months ago.

It was a nice surprise, and I went hoping to figure out who gave it to me. REQUEST #1: let us see the users who upvoted us. Yes, anonymity and all that. But courtesy and bonhomie would rise if people could see the names.

Of course, I had no luck figuring out my upvoter, at least not yet. :) But I noticed that sentence had no fewer than 16 versions! And the current version was identical to mine right down to the punctuation.

REQUEST #2: Grant an automatic upvote every time a reviewer edits a sentence to EXACTLY the same text as a prior version. If two prior versions both are exact matches, either upvote both older versions automatically or just the first in time. Perhaps also auto-upvote versions that a user reverts to using the version review feature, and if there is an earlier EXACT copy, again either auto-upvote both or just the first in time.

I think the first feature request will spread smiles while the second will spread proper recognition.

4 years ago



Hi tariqnisarahmed! I completely agree with the first request! I would absolutely love to know who upvotes me. However, it would definitely be a bit scary to see downvoters, so let's keep that out of the request! :)

Is it true that someone can enter the exact same text as the prior version? I haven't seen any cases like that, but I know that the Share Credit button helps in SIMILAR cases. In cases where someone reverts to a previous version, I don't think that there should be an auto-upvote though, because others have thought that the previous version wasn't what they had expected. These are just my opinions! :)

4 years ago


Yes, you can enter the exact same text.

4 years ago