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Iniciantes para treinar o inglês, alguém?

March 12, 2017

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ok! let's do that! how are you doing, miss?

i'm doing pretty fine, thanks for asking.

so, what you want to talk about?

Whatever! Ummm.... Where are you from?

lol i'm from rio and you?

That's cool! Me too!

really? that's nice! which neighborhood do you live in?

Next to Niteroi and you?

nice!! currently i live next to jacarepagua... do you know this neighborhood?

Hey Lara What's up?

Hello Felipe! How are you doing?

I'm fine. Thank you! And you?

Me too! Where are you from?

I'm kidding haha! I'm from Santo André SP, but currently i live in Pernambuco

Hey it's a personal question! Never mind haha. I'm 23 years old and you?

Good! I don't know...

Do you don't know where are you from?

You are from Rio, isn't?

So what's your favorite language, it's really english or another?

I'm gonna sleep, so good night, see ya!

hello! how are you ?

Hi! I'm fine and you?

Sim, eis me aqui! kkk tudo bem 'Lara'?

Fine... I was beginning to think that you would not show up around here rsrssr Ok, just kidding. Huh tell me what's up bby?

Hello Manuela! How are you doing?

very well, and you girl?

i'm beginner in english, i want to learn, do you can help me ?

olá, vamos treinar conversação? sou de ribeirão preto e vc?

Hello, how are you?

Hi! I'm fine and you?

Hi! Do you like fotograph B&W? Or may be things do acaso that you use in your perfil? Nice to meet you!

Hi Lara. How are you?

Aprenda um idioma em apenas 5 minutos por dia. De graça.