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"Bạn lấy cuốn sách đó từ ai? Từ người phụ nữ."

Translation:Who do you take that book from? From the woman.

March 12, 2017



Grrr. I agree with this translation, because 'who' is probably used more commonly than 'whom'. However, 'From whom do you take that book?' should be accepted. There is some inconsistency in Duo's answers. In a similar construction earlier, I used 'who' and was marked wrong, so this time I used 'whom' expecting this would be the only acceptable answer. Turns out that, although correct, the answer is not acceptable. Ah well...


"Whom" not who.


Why is quyển wrong?


Take from and Get from have very different connotations in English... which one does lấy mean?


Good question. In some cases I'd guess it could be either since "get the book from the shelf" and "take the book from the shelf" are pretty close to the same thing. When there's resistance from the source it's a diferent story entirely, e. g., "take the gun from the robber."


"đớ" here is pronounced like 'nó".


Why is "take" wrong??


Nevermind, i think my "take" was fine. I messed up by not having "that" book.

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