Tree 2.0?

I'm sorry if this is pestering, but the last time I saw any news on this was in September, when the team said that the updated tree would be out in November.

Is there a set ETA for the course, or did something go wrong?


March 12, 2017


A couple of weeks ago I saw on Facebook one of the course creators saying it would be 'a few weeks or months' till it was ready. Are you aware of the two bonus skills that are available now?

amuzulo said about Tree 2.0 yesterday: "My guess would be May."
I think though that Duo will be doing A/B testing for a while so maybe we shouldn't all expect to get the new tree so soon.

A bunch of German users recently got a new (to them) German tree -- about nine months after a previous partial rollout to others.

So yes, don't count on everyone getting it at the same time or even close to the same time.

Nine months? Nooooooooooooo! rocks back and forth. Shame people can't ask to be opted in.

Have you looked at other resources Amuzulo mentions in the Esperanto Mega Post to keep you going till 2.0?

Amuzulo said in September that it would be ready soon, but I guess something happened. And yes, I've completed the bonus skills already, but thank you anyway.

Mi estas tute certa ke cxiuj sur la terglobo jam scias (krom mi!), sed kie estas la du bonusaj povoj?

Ili estas bonaj. Al mi aparte placxas la "Kulturo Esperanta" provo.

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