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Could we get an easier way to do accents?

Like maybe key the up or down arrow to add accents to a letter to the left of the cursor?

June 22, 2012



Why ask Duolingo to do this for you, entire countries of people already use the native ability of Windows and MacOS to do it for them. On Windows go into Control Panel > Region and Language and add other keyboards. For Spanish for instance, I enable the Spanish keyboard while I am doing the lesson and holding Alt and any accented letter creates that letter with the accent.


Agreed. Some sort of hotkey would be nice.


On my Mac keyboard (which is English) the 'hotkeys' are already there. Option & N give you ~ Option & E is ´ Shift, Option & ? gives you ¿

If you are on a PC there should also be shortcuts too.


On my keyboard, I also already have those keys (and it is neither a Mac nor English)... First you have to press the relevant key with the accent and then the letter. It should appear as an accented letter then ;)


On my PC, holding down Alt-Gr and hitting a vowel key will produce some of the accented letters: áéíóú but not the n with the tilde.


I use the (Windows) United States International keyboard option, so accented characters are simply two key sequences. Works great.


Can you tell us how to use the international keyboard?


Instructions for adding other keyboard layouts: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306560 Also this page provide a good list of how to enter different characters: http://www.forlang.wsu.edu/help/keyboards1.asp


thank you for those links .. very helpful and finally have it worked out .. sending lingots your way in thanks


For Ubuntu users, to get accents etc. see this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ComposeKey

I didn't have to change any of my settings. The default for me is:

shift + alt gr (in that order) s s = ß

shift + alt gr (in that order) o " = ö


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