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Question About Duolingo and An Idea

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I was thinking that if Duolingo functions as a crowdsourcing translation tool to provide the internet with more translations (right?), languages not spoken by many people or very much used might not be very high priority additions. But maybe for small languages like Esperanto or Gaelic a system could be set up so that students could try and translate a text in their own language INTO the language they're learning so there would be more reading available in the language for the few who speak it or those trying to learn it.

Maybe Duolingo could eventually help small languages from getting much smaller or help slow the process down, becoming an even bigger champion for language diversity.

Am I off base here? Am I wrong about how Duolingo works? Is it a bad idea, unfeasable for some reason? Just wondering.

February 25, 2013



I agree, it would be nice to make translations from any language to any other. Of course it would be pretty difficult to include them in the courses, this should be done in some other way. Let's see if the admins and developers have some brilliant idea! :)

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You're all over the place on this site, huh? Thank you for your friendly responses.

Maybe it would be too difficult, I was just wondering and I really have no idea about this technology or what it takes to make these courses.


Will it be possible to study Japanese soon?


I think this would be too difficult at the early levels, but maybe advanced students could do so, and a system could be set up to require at least one native-level speaker to okay the final result.


Please Please Please Give us an iPad version. I am using it on ipad with 2X zoom option, and would love to have a perfect one :)


Will it be possible to learn russian soon?


Duolingo has the right idea. Translations should be into your native language because you know the structure and what sounds right. Yes, we want to be able to speak and write in the language we are learning but to translate a document when you are not fluent or undertand all the nuances doesn't make sense to me. But then...I'm still learning...

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