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Suggestion: a new practice system

Hi Duolingo I don't know if this is the right place to post a suggestion to improve Duolingo, but I'll try. First of all thank you so much for opening a wonderful world of languages and this amazing opportunity to learn for free.

I've noticed that my golden skills degrade pretty fast and that a lot of people were concerned about their tree not being fully golden. It's really difficult to keep the tree golden if you have a lot of completed skills (and of course most Duolingo perfectionists will prefer a golden tree). My suggestion is that after you've passed a checkpoint the "Checkpoint passed" button is replaced by a "practice" button with as many (or more) questions as the shortcut, and like that it would be possible to practice all the skills at once (like if you take a shortcut, the whole tree will become golden).

I hope you like the idea! It would make it pretty much easier to practice and also easier for Duolingo to estimate the fluency level (which is again convenient for those who have linked their Duolingo fluency levels to their LinkedIn profiles)...

Thanks again for the best and most fun platform for learning languages!!


March 12, 2017



The "Strengthen Skills" button to the right of the tree allows practicing all completed lessons that need practice. The skills degrade quickly at first because repetition is very important to the learning process. Eventually, they will stay golden for a very long time. Also, don't worry about the fluency level too much. It is inaccurate and maxes out at around 60% because Duolingo does not teach enough to make one fluent.


Thanks for your reply. I know about this button and I don't find it equivalent to what I suggest at all. When I go to my Spanish tree (full) it's all low leveled, and then when I try to strengthen all skills I find that it will concentrate on the first two or three skills and repeat them over and over again until they are golden. Pretty boring as I speak quite a lot of Spanish. It would be way more convenient if there was as opportunity to take a large and challenging test like the shortcuts and then it would gilden the skills that you've mastered like it does in the shortcuts or placement tests. Then you could strengthen the remaining skills "manually"... I find it impossible to keep all my trees golden as I don't have three hours to spend on Duolingo every day :-p


There's just one thing though... Duo's idea of repetition is to repeat the same sentences to the point that you memorize them without really learning anything. Practice is practically useless because of that. I recall the answers without even thinking about the language. It's pretty a much a waste of time unless you want to just memorize canned phrases.


A native English speaker couldn't get the fluency to 100%. That's how broken it is.


this is a good idea. my skills are getting pretty hard to keep all golden.

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