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Lost streak on mobile app (Android) but not on website


I purchased a Streak Freeze on Saturday which seemed to work fine on the website but on the mobile app, my streak has reset back to 1 day. Can you help restore it?

Many thanks Jane

March 10, 2014



could be due to:

1) the webpage shows overall streak and the app shows language specific ones 2) if you are using the coach: you might have not met your goal with the coach, but it still counted towards your streak


Thanks for your reply, but I'm only doing one language and I don't use the coach. It looks like the problem only started when I used a Streak Freeze - my website streak got frozen, but not the app.


So, Coach is only on iOS right now. Streak freeze only works on the web :/ That's what happened here.


Oh right, thanks. Are there any plans to sync the app streak with the website in the future?

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