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"Tata przyniesie dzieciom prezenty."

Translation:Dad will bring presents to the children.

March 12, 2017



Why is "Dad will bring presents to his children" incorrect? I do understand that it could be some other children, but it could also be "his" children depending on the context, could it not? It could in Russian.


why is:"The father will bring presents to the children" not correct??


OK, I guess 'the' can work, added.


"My father will bring the children presents." (Dative doesn't have to be too explicit in English).

EDIT: actually, I see that the problem was with the "my". Can "tata" being somebody else's father? I guess so.....


As the sentence says something about some unspecified 'children', it seems too much to assume that this is 'my dad'. After all, then it would rather be "will bring us presents"...

So it is the dad of the subject of the sentence, i.e. those children.


'...for the children'


It sounds very odd to use the verb bring rather than give when saying bring to the children. It works with something more abstract like happiness but in this case, it sounds like he might not actually be letting the children have the presents compared to bring the children presents.

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