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Delete your social media, use your time to learn languages

Yep, that's a slightly clickbaity title, my apologies, but I wanted to make a point: I just read that the average person spends 2 hours per day on social media, which adds up to more than 700 hours per year.

Seven hundred hours!

Imagine what you can do with that time! You can finish a handful or more trees on Duolingo, or you can focus on one language and go from 0 to (near) fluent.

I just deleted my Facebook account, without any regrets. Looking forward to spend a couple of hundred hours this year learning languages, and a few hundred hours on the other things that are worthy of my attention.

Let me know if you, like me, can also free a lot of time, and how you will spend it!

Thanks for your attention. Use it wisely! :)

March 12, 2017



Or you can follow a lot of pages in your target language on social medias so that the time you spend on it helps you learn your target language and how it's actually used in real life ;)

I personally use Facebook mainly for messenger and wouldn't delete my account for anything, you need breaks while learning.


^ I came here to post this ^

I also use Hello Talk which is a social app aimed specifically at language exchange. It's great for finding people all over the world, although I am sure there are others, that's the one I know and it works alright.


Given that you can follow people and be followed, discuss topics in various fora, and can interact with people around the world, isn't DuoLingo sort of a form of "social media" with a twist? :)

Like others have mentioned here, I don't do much on the Book, post pics to Instagram, or tweet much of anything. But I'm a firm believer of "unto each his/her own" ...


Or... you can take advantage of social media sites such as facebook to follow people and pages that teach you more stuff about your target language while entertaining yourself.

My first language is spanish, but I've been following sites about architecture, engineering, finances, science, politics, news, among others that are written in english. For now they have helped me improve english, learn more vocabulary, etc.

Not to mention that I have joined in many english communities where you can talk to native english speakers, some of them even may help you to understand certain rules and words, and the best part of chats and forums is that you can also help them in their way to master spanish (well, in my case).

I get what you say, the majority of people spend a lot of time on gossip, memes and whatnot, but the solution isn't always to delete your account, but, in this case, reading articles, images, watching videos, joining to chats... that are written and made in your target language can make you improve it (yeah, you can even improve it by seeing memes).


WOW! You're now my official inspiration. Mods, don't delete this, I'm going to look at this every week, and when I'm demotivated.

^~^ thank you so much!

Can someone Sticky this?


Great article, hadn't seen it before. :)


Other than YouTube, this is pretty much the only type of "Social Media" that I use. I don't use Twitter, Instagram, nor Facebook.


So you want to avoid a tool used for socializing (social media) to learn how to use another tool used for socializing (languages)...

If you have an unhealthy addiction to social media, I understand why you would want to avoid it. But, you're taking away a one of the valuable language learning resources. A resource that can connect you to people around the world.

Personally, I would do both... I would learn from Duolingo, and then apply it to conversations in my target language using my social media friends. This could be via video chats, voice recording, typing etc.

Do whatever makes you more efficient at learning languages I guess...


I don't even have social media. XD


I have not had any forms of social media (other than my email + this) for a year now


I've never used social media... no time goes to waste!


I see what you mean, and if it helps you, that is a great thing to do. Thankfully I don't go on social media much, but when I do, I have a French group I enjoy participating in (when I have time). Also, I wouldn't want to get overboard with this as I will eventually have to dump games, sports, and other things I enjoy.

Moderation is key.

But I do wish you the best and I can see you're doing really well for yourself. Great job Jasper! :-)


I use Facebook and similar sites maybe once every six months, so I don't spend time on social media.

I have worked on many languages here on Duolingo, one hour a day on average I would say, so that is 535 hours of language learning in the last 18 months (I have completed 18 trees along the way and I have learned a lot).


I have stopped using facebook for two years now. I just gave up twitter and quora this month. Unfortunately I still read a lot of news, and of course, I'm reading your post now. It still costs me a lot of time. Currently I'm trying to read news in french so it wouldn't be a waste of time.


Thanks for posting this! I agree with @WaterPolyglot. This is very inspirational.


2 hours Duolingo, 2 hours Memrise everyday start from now :/


I don't feel that social media interferes with my language learning. I seem to be learning enough words a day to satisfy my wishes for progress. Social media can also be a way to substitute for travel to interact with native speakers. That said, I largely passively consume news and various writings in the various languages for the moment, save Spanish, for which there are native speakers locally.


I totally agree with you. I kind of think that social media has gotten way out of hand. Luckily I don't really have social, so I will be busy practicing my language learning! Good luck with your learning!v


I totally agree!


700 hours out of the year still leaves you a bit more than 8,000 to fit language learning. Whatever works for each individual, but social media does little and less to hinder language learning. In fact, a clever person would use social media to enhance their learning process by connecting with people doing the same.

There's so much you can do with your day and your life that you needn't give up anything. I play video games, I work, I volunteer, I study Spanish on here and languagetransfer.org, I posts memes with friends on facebook.

It doesn't have to be either/or, you can do many things in a given period of time.


I use VKontakte mainly to talk to Russian friends, which is probably doing far more for my Russian learning than post-immersion Duo :-)


I definitely Facebook less than before I discovered Duo. I've been waiting for a post along these lines to crop up :)

However, my favorite "target" is TV. The average American watches 5 hours a day, the average Briton 3 and a half. Many people obviously have time if they want to find it.

Obviously one can watch TV in a target language; I'll call that a different animal entirely :)


The thing is, I feel guilty for spending too much time learning languages (by myself)... I spend so much time learning German and Norwegian, but it's not for any professional reasons, just because I want to :-/


Don't feel guilty for learning languages!


I can't help but feel that if I dedicated the time i spend learning german/norwegian practicing my drawing skills, I would draw way better than I do now, and it makes me feel guilty.

PS: is that a watertribe symbol on your pic? :D


Lea.1717, you could do what I used to do a lot and still sometimes do. You could draw some pictures and label them in your target language as kind of a best-of-both-worlds style learning method.

I also feel guilty for learning languages when I should really be drawing, so I set aside an hour a day that is just for drawing. All I do is draw during that time. Maybe that would work for you?


I like that idea! We could even try to draw abstract concepts and see what creative solutions we come up with. I'm sure the words would be way harder to forget.

It's so much easier to practice languages because we already know what to learn and the expected results. Drawing is so subjective and you have to learn it completely by yourself.

Also, doing a Duo lesson takes 5 minutes, while drawing requires your full commitment and concentration for long. Well, from now on, Duolingo only after I've spent at least 20 minutes drawing :)


Even if you're not doing it for professional reasons, you are still spending your time on right things that you like and will help you one day.


Yeah, I guess. The problem is knowing which are the "right things" to spend time on.


Well, some may differ with me, I tend to call a hobby a "right thing" when the hobby pleases you and benefits you and others in the present and the future. If you are learning a language just to feel superior to others, then it's not a fine thing (imo) to do. If you wish to learn about a country's culture, be able to speak with others, help others on their way to learn your first language, among others, then it's, at least for me, a good thing.

Like you said, the problem is knowing which are the "right things" to spend time on, but it totally depends on what do you consider something right and how does it benefits and will benefit you.


Excellent points, good food for thought!


I like it! I would probably go just a little bit further and say that if you truly enjoy doing something, and believe it is of some benefit to you, while at the same time does no harm to anyone else, then by all means do it.


That just proves your addicted to social media ; )


I'm not addicted but I see no reason to delete it. I can do both


that shows people spend more time on social media than to learn languages people need to do something different instead of on social media

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