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Romanian from English - Launch of the Mobile Version !??

Please release the Mobile Version of the "Romanian for English Speakers" Course as soon as possible!

(or is there a bug in the "unsupported language" pop-up -> a wrong flag in the database?)

I mean it works already when you switch to "Romanian for English Speakers" in you web browser. I works also on your Duolingo iPhone App. I used it already on the Duolingo iPhone App!

However, at the end of the session the screen "Unsopported Language: The language pair you are currently learning, Romanian from English, is not yet supported on moble"

Dear Duolingo Team, what is the problem? As it worked already perfectly I guess that is only a tiny little bug with your "Unsopported Language" pop up screen that you have missed. I guess you are unaware of that problem. please fix it. It should be fixed in a couple of hours, cause in general it works already. You have just to prevent the "unsupported language" screen from poping up. I guess that's just one flag in the data base that you have set wrong. Please do it quickly. We are desperatly waiting for it ...... !!!!

March 13, 2017

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We know it has been a long time, just a little longer and it will be on the mobile app as well.
We have spoken to the administration team and they're looking into it!
All the best in the learning process!

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