"Die Augen sehen."

Translation:The eyes see.

February 25, 2013

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I would think that "The eyes are seeing" should also be accepted. Am I wrong?


Yes, it should. Report it.


Oh, i thought the feet see


Is 'Augen' a neutral word that changes to feminine when made plural? Plurals in German always confuse me ._.


Nouns don't change gender. The definite article for feminine nouns happens to be the same as the definite article for plural nouns is all. It doesn't matter if the nouns themselves are masculine or feminine or neuter, all plurals take the definite article die.

So, die Augen means there are more than one neuter eyes. Not that eyes suddenly switch gender when there are more than one of them. (Not gonna think about asexual, self-replicating eyes, nope!)


The definite article for plural words are (in nominative case) "die", no matter what the gender of the word is. Confusing, is your mother tongue is English where you just have 'the" :-) (I'm Danish, we also have very simple grammar)


I translated as "to see the eyes" I guess that's another interpretation of it. Obviously not what they meant.


So did I ! "To see the eyes" is also a correct translation according to me.


"The Eyes Look" Does that work?


To look is an intransitive verb in English, meaning that it can't take any direct object. For your sentence to make sense you'd have to say ''The eyes look at + complement, which wouldn't be a valid translation for the German sentence above:)


So sehen should be pronounced as one syllable?


Not really one syllable : de -h is not pronounced, so it becomes se-en, but when spoken rather quickly it can sound as one syllable.


This is very much like Old and Middle English; OE: 'þâ êagan sêoð' ME: 'tho eyen seen.'


i thought eyes are used for speaking

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