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Swahili Music?

Does anyone know of/ have any recommendations for any songs in Swahili?

March 13, 2017



Yes!!!!! Here are some of my favorites:

-Baba yetu

-Na gode

-Anything by Sauti Sol, probably my absolute favorite band out of all these (kuliko jana, nerea, sura yako are my favs)

-Mungu pekee

-Anything by Diamond Platinumz( Utanipenda is my favorite)

-Mungu ibariki Africa (Tanzanian national anthem)

-Anything Alikiba (favs are Mwana and Chekecha Cheketua)


Thanks for the suggestions, nice streak!


It is really cool!


Search for Elani - Hapo Zamani on YouTube. Not sure what 'hapo zamani' means though.

https://www.duolingo.com/profile/John M.

It means "in the past", or "A long time ago".


Onthehype25 is right, Sauti Sol is a very good band! A few of my favourite songs by them include: nerea, kuliko jana, sura yako, say yeah, still the one (though this one has a lot of slang). Also check out: Just a way (cover) - Kaberere and Mr Vee; Nikikutazama - Hart the Band; Know you know - Nyashinski; Uliza kiatu - Hart the Band; Sema Milele - Gilad; Unajua - Gilad; Githuri - Mr Googs; Swing swing - Kleptomaniax; Vuta pumzi - Longombas; Enjoy! :)


You should definetely learn Sina Makosa. One of the best songs! When I was in Africa I used to sing it in every town as everyone knew it :)


Lover Boy by Barnaba is wonderful, and it played all the time while I was in Tanzania! There's a playlist on spotify called "tanzania 15/16" which is a good place for beginning to find artists you like!


Oh, I forgot to mention kamatiachini by navy kenzo! Another popular one in Tanzania. Vanessa Mdee is great, and Sweet Mangi is also a fun song!


Alex Boye sings The Lord's Prayer in Swahili on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsINANZ6Riw


do they translate american songs to Swahili?


my family is kenya so thats why i am starting to speak in swhaili


Listen to rayvanny-siri, diamond platnumz-utanipenda,sikomi and ntampata wapi,harmonize-matatizo and ayola,alikiba-kadogo and aje,nandy-kivuruge, you will thank me later

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