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Students not completing assignments!

Hi there, I am an 'Educator' for a group of people( which are not technically students), and are finding that they are not completing these assignments so it is not benefiting them in any way.

I know it might just be trying to persuade them, but as I am not usually a teacher, I am not sure how to go about convincing them to complete these.

Thanks :)

March 13, 2017



If they're not real students and there aren't any consequences for not completing assignments (failing a class, for example), then the only motivation they have is their own desire to learn a language. Dedicated learners will stick with it; others might not. Best of luck figuring it out!



Do they know that they get a golden owl when they finish the tree:)?


If they are not your students, then what is the situation? Are you a group of friends?

One way to motivate people is to have some competition going on. So you could regularly announce the highscore, so the lazy ones feel they don't want to be in the last spot, and the studious ones feel proud / accomplished. This would backfire if all are doing bad, as it would confirm that nobody cares and nobody needs to struggle.

Apart from that, why are they learning? What are their individual goals? They maybe need more real world use cases / applications to stay motivated. You could introduce a movie night once in a while where all gather and watch in OV. Let's meet natives. Get together in study groups so there is a place and a reserved time so everyone is doing the same thing, afterwards share progress / problems, think together what each person could benefit from doing differently.


One very important reason why I wouldn't join a class from someone else is that I know better than anyone else what I need to improve upon in the language. If I were in a class and the assignment was, for example, "Dative Objects" I wouldn't do it either, as I have already mastered the dative case. Perhaps they don't find the assigned topics to be relevant to them? If it's not the lesson they want to do, they'll likely ignore it.

After all, once you're advanced in the language, would you like to do the basics skill? Probably not, as it would likely bore you.

Perhaps a better motivation would be a duolingo club, rather than a class. That way they can compete based on XP rather than completing lessons assigned to them. (However clubs are only available on iOS, so they'd have to have an iOS device)


I just saw a post of Duolingo today that announced that clubs will finally come to all platforms. Was thinking about suggesting this to Caitlin as well. Maybe it's more motivating than presenting everyone's high scores each week ^^


I didn't see that post, thanks for the info! :)

I know Duolingo wants/is working to standardize all platforms, but they have more iOS developers and iOS is easier to develop for, so that's why the iOS app usually gets all the features first.


Oh it seems i was misunderstanding. The post wasn't about all platforms but about "public" clubs https://www.facebook.com/duolingo/photos/a.421213931256115.95959.141935472517297/1590329027677927/?type=3&theater


Thanks for clarifying! Either way, the features should be available on all platforms eventually, according to what Duolingo CEO Luis von Ahn said on Reddit. It just takes a while I guess.


Ridicule them in language they don't understand. Of course when they find out what you are saying they may physically assault you but what is life without risk


Thanks everyone :) yes, they are friends so I suppose it does just mean being motivated but the comment about the reward/movie night does sound good!!


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