"You dug a farm"

Translation:Mlilima shamba

March 13, 2017

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you need to indicate if you want the second person singular or plural


Both should be accepted, but we are in limited beta and currently that is the case for very few sentences. Report it next time it happens.

[deactivated user]

    And English speakers do not say "You dug a farm." Maybe "you cultivated a field." Something like that. There is a need for a more natural-sounding English sentence here. Reported.


    "to run a farm" I know Mswahili say 'dig' for palia


    In English, one wouldn't say "you farmed a farm" or even "you dug a farm." You would either say, "you planted" or "you plowed" or "you cultivated." So the English clue for "kulima" be "cultivated" Besides, the word for "dig" is "kuchimba."


    Kuchimba sio kulima!

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