"Regiunea cea mare este frumoasă."

Translation:The large region is beautiful.

March 13, 2017



What is the purpose of cea here. Can it be omitted?

March 13, 2017


Doesn't "cea mare" mean "the most beautiful"; e.g., "The region is the most beautiful"?

July 1, 2017


(not native, but I guess) cea mai mare = the biggest
cea mai frumoase = the most beautiful

but maybe cea mare = so big, this big, uniquely big

So it is not a region that happens to be big among other things (regiunea mare și uscată) but the region known for being the big one like the "The Great Region" (regiunea cea mare).

A bit like Alexander the Great...?

Romanian natives, please correct me!

September 2, 2017


It'a bit of a strange sentence, but I think you are close with the region that is known for being big. I would translate "regiunea cea mare" literally as "the region that is big" or more naturally as simply "the big region."

June 18, 2018
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