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"Pigen kunne ikke spise et helt brød."

Translation:The girl could not eat a whole loaf of bread.

March 13, 2017



Could I say "The girl could not eat an entire loaf"? My answer, "The girl could not eat a whole bread" doesn't make sense in English, because the word "Bread" is unspecific. Unless "brød" is a specific noun and I missed it.


Welcome to the quirks of the Danish language! There is no word for loaf.

I don't know if you could use "loaf" by itself like that in English though, it seems kinda wrong.

But in Danish et brød is considered "a loaf of bread", so de spiser et brød → they eat a loaf of bread.

De spiser brød → They eat (pieces of) bread (doesn't quantify how much so they could be eating anywhere between 1 and 500 or whatever).

De spiser et stykke brød → They eat one piece of bread.


The word "loaf" is used by itself in English. In this context the translation should read 'loaf' or "loaf of bread", both being correct: "a whole bread" does not make sense in English.


The reason why I said "loaf" on its own seems weird is because I usually don't hear it used on its own but rather as "loaf of bread".


I put 'loaf' on its own and it wasnt accepted - grrr!


In English, I am not aware that the word loaf means anything other than a loaf of bread. In English however, it is wholly acceptable just to say loaf on it's own. Therefore, this should be an acceptable translation.

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