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"Você conhece o homem nesta fotografia?"

Translation:Do you know the man in this picture?

March 10, 2014



Why not "on" this picture/ foto ?


new word: fotografia dictionary hint: photography (nothing else) solution: photograph .... :-(


More common in Portuguese is "foto".


yes, why not "on this picture" instead of "in this picture"


English considers all the original elements of a composition (photo or painting) to be "in" the picture. If you write comments or apply marks or spill your coffee, these would be "on" or "over" the picture. That is to say that the picture has a surface (real or imaginary) and the image is "in" the finished picture while any other marks are "on" the surface. Perhaps confusingly, the photo is "on" the paper and the paint is "on" the canvas. These are just the everyday conventions and not a theory of art!


Does it mean that you know him personally, or does it mean that you know who he is?


Probably, the first option, but as we have no context....

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