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  5. "Eu não gosto do verão."

"Eu não gosto do verão."

Translation:I do not like summer.

February 25, 2013



Shouldn't the translation be "I do not like THE summer?"


I dont like the summer does not sound good in English


It's not as common, but it's perfectly acceptable. Google "I like the summer" and you will find many results from native speakers.

Days of the week, as in juanpablo321's example, are different. I don't know why.


Yep, both are correct, but i, personally, dont listen to many ppl saying that this way. So i meant maybe thats because duolingo hasnt accepted his answer. Maybe they use the most common, as i see in many exercises. Anymay, in such a situtation, the best thing is to report the problem. Thx for your insight :)


Do seasons always have the definitive article in Portuguese?


No, unless you want to make it specific


Why isn't it gosto de verão then?


Yeah, why?


YEAH WHY? I can't believe I've had to wait ten months for an answer, the service round here is terrible.


One Summer later.....

It's more common to use the article, even when not specific. There are so few preset and well known named seasons that we automaically see them as special.

That said, it's allowed to avoid the article (only when not specific), but it's still better to use it.


The sentence "I don't like summer" is correct. It is like "Thank God it is Friday" you don't say "Thank God it is the friday"... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thank_God_It's_Friday


Ops, i didnt realize i had forgotten THE when i rewrote Amired sentence. Ive just corrected now. Thx


I wrote that and still got it wrong. It's so frustrating that i no longer complaint about it because is useless. They impose Portuguese gramar to english


Thank you for your answers!


Not at all. If u still think ur correct, dont forget to click on report the problem. If they realize your answer also can be accepted, you'll receive an email letting you know now your answer has been accepted. Gud Studies. :)


Where can I find the report button? Do I need to do the test again and hope for the same question do appear?


Well..... im afraid so.. or u can feedback on the home page.... doing so u'll help yourself and new learners too, as well as duolingo . Some friends of mine are taking english beta version and they tell me there are many acceptable answers which duolingo doesnt get... unfortunately we'll have to deal with that for some time :( and continuing committing some mistakes. Boring, but everytime we make a mistake, lose all the hearts, we try again and learn more :) good studies...


Oh I just needed to press the feedback button to the left of this page :)


Ohhhh.... gr8t. Use this tool whenevet u think ur right, specially in Beta version :)


Do you always get an email if your complaint has been accepted? I've reported lots and never had an email.


I've only ever received emails regarding "My sentence should be accepted" reports even though I have submitted several requests asking for bad translations to be removed and other more general moans.


OK, thanks. I'm writing this from the future and I've had lots of emails now.


Don't understand sorry.


Oh! After answering a question using the web version of Duolingo a "Report a Problem" button appears and clicking it displays a dialogue with a number of options selected by tickboxes. One of the tickboxes was labelled "My sentence should be accepted". In the past I used that option quite a lot, and even though I submitted other types of feedback, that option was only type ever acknowledged by an email. Does my comment make sense now?


-Said no one, ever.


Said most of Brazilians! Come here and you'll find out why!


I live in Texas. It can't be that bad.


Depends on what part of Texas and what part of Brazil. The hot dry weather of west Texas is different from the heat and humidity of the Gulf Coast. And heat is more bearable when we have air-conditioned cars and buildings. Porto Velho, Brazil felt like Houston in August, only there was hardly any air conditioning anywhere in Porto Velho. On the other hand, Sa~o Paulo is in the mountains near the coast, so it was cool and wet. Campinas is further inland, so the weather was better there.

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