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  5. "Elfutok én is!"

"Elfutok én is!"

Translation:I run away as well!

March 13, 2017



In English we communicated the too/also by word emphasis or accent, in Hungarian they use word order. For example: "I eat the apple too." could have multiple meanings, in Hungarian: "Én is eszem az almát." "Én eszem az almát is." stb. So yes, the 'Én' is necessary in this case.


Why elfutok is run AWAY, not just run? There was so much told that el- means perfectness of a verb, not away, and here we see its "awayness"!


Coverbs can be a perfection measure, an indicator of future tense, or change the meaning (el often means away).


In English, running away often connotes leaving home or escaping some duty. Is this the sense in Hungarian with "elfut"? I translated this as "I am running off too" to take this connotation out of it but it wasn't accepted.


I do not understand the need for "én" in this sentence, or its placement. Could it not simply be "Elfutok is"?


the is needs it

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