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Medical Assessments and Terms

Would it be possible to add a section to the Spanish lessons for medical professionals? Just some phrases and questions that could aid first responders or ER personel with communicating with Spanish speaking patients. I think it would be great. Thanks so much for everything!

February 25, 2013



Actually, I think if there were 'flavors' of duolingo: for law, for medicine, and other profession with the specialized verbs and vocab, I would totally be willing to pay $10-20 to gain access to that practice.


There is a medical section way down on the skill tree.


... It could be nice to have somewhere anyway a list of the Duolingo vocabulary (even if you didn't master it yet) to point out that some very important word is missing...

Anyway I think that Duolingo gives you wings, and then you have to find your own ways to learn. :)

I don't know many sources for Spanish but http://www.rae.es , because I learned it pretty naturally (I am Italian and know a big bunch of Spanish people). I am sure that you will find some good tips in the Spanish section of the forum.


There are very good books, pamphlets, and flip charts available for medical people, law enforcement, educators, construction workers, manufacturers, and other professions. I worked in the hospital for a while and used a handy little flip chart thingie. I think Duo is the place to learn the basics, and we can do the "specialization" we choose.


It would be nice to access that area before your time, for emergency use...


I also would like to see a medical spanish section. I appreciate learning what I am, but I really would like to take care of my spanish speaking patients more than learning how to say the bank is in front of the hotel (at least at this point.)

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