"The colors of the club are blue and white."

Translation:Die Farben des Vereins sind blau und weiß.

February 25, 2013

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I agree with Christian. But other than that - shouldn't "blau" and "weiß" be capitalized since they are not adjectives, but nouns (names of colors) in this case?!?


Colors are adjectives.

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    Colours can be adjectives or nouns. I agree with Germandy. In this case, they're nouns. It's more obvious if you switch the subject and predicate nouns.

    Blau und Weiß sind die Farben des Vereins.



    Before I go reporting something that I'm not 100% sure about, is "Vereines" also an acceptable option in this sentence? Canoonet (http://goo.gl/bNNg7) says either "Vereins" or "Vereines" can be used but I'm not sure if that is based on one's personal preference or if there is a rule of some sort. The reading I have done leads me to believe that (for this word) it can be either "es" or "s" and that the choice is pretty much yours.

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      It's fine. "Vereins" is probably more common in spoken German.


      I used 'Vereinigungs' instead of 'Vereins' and it was wrong. Don't they both mean club?'

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        A "Vereinigung" is more of a larger association/organisation. "Verein" is used more widely. Anyway, the genitive of "die Vereinigung" is "der Vereinigung".


        Thank you Christian.


        Is there anything wrong with "Die Farben von dem Verein sind blau und weiß"? I got this question in a general review and not in the gentive section.

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