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"The colors of the club are blue and white."

Translation:Die Farben des Vereins sind blau und weiß.

February 25, 2013



I agree with Christian. But other than that - shouldn't "blau" and "weiß" be capitalized since they are not adjectives, but nouns (names of colors) in this case?!?


Colors are adjectives.


Colours can be adjectives or nouns. I agree with Germandy. In this case, they're nouns. It's more obvious if you switch the subject and predicate nouns.

Blau und Weiß sind die Farben des Vereins.



Before I go reporting something that I'm not 100% sure about, is "Vereines" also an acceptable option in this sentence? Canoonet (http://goo.gl/bNNg7) says either "Vereins" or "Vereines" can be used but I'm not sure if that is based on one's personal preference or if there is a rule of some sort. The reading I have done leads me to believe that (for this word) it can be either "es" or "s" and that the choice is pretty much yours.


It's fine. "Vereins" is probably more common in spoken German.


Thanks Christian.


I used 'Vereinigungs' instead of 'Vereins' and it was wrong. Don't they both mean club?'


A "Vereinigung" is more of a larger association/organisation. "Verein" is used more widely. Anyway, the genitive of "die Vereinigung" is "der Vereinigung".


Thank you Christian.


Is there anything wrong with "Die Farben von dem Verein sind blau und weiß"? I got this question in a general review and not in the gentive section.

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