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"Acei struguri sunt acri."

Translation:Those grapes are sour.

1 year ago



Where is acei in the DPPA notes? From the notes, I'd assume the correct answer is aceia struguri.

1 year ago

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Those grapes are sour (masculine plural determiner, those)

  • Acei struguri sunt acri. (formal, indefinite determiner)
  • Strugurii aceia sunt acri. (formal, definite determiner)
  • Strugurii ăia sunt acri. (informal, definite determiner)

That grape is sour (masculine singular determiner, that)

  • Acel strugure e acru. (formal, indefinite determiner)
  • Strugurele acela e acru. (formal, definite determiner)
  • Strugurele ăla e acru. (informal, definite determiner)

Source: dexonline.ro, wiktionary, this forum, but, yeah, not the DPPA notes.

4 months ago