"Acei struguri sunt acri."

Translation:Those grapes are sour.

March 14, 2017



Where is acei in the DPPA notes? From the notes, I'd assume the correct answer is aceia struguri.

March 14, 2017


Those grapes are sour (masculine plural determiner, those)

  • Acei struguri sunt acri. (formal, indefinite determiner)
  • Strugurii aceia sunt acri. (formal, definite determiner)
  • Strugurii ăia sunt acri. (informal, definite determiner)

That grape is sour (masculine singular determiner, that)

  • Acel strugure e acru. (formal, indefinite determiner)
  • Strugurele acela e acru. (formal, definite determiner)
  • Strugurele ăla e acru. (informal, definite determiner)

Source: dexonline.ro, wiktionary, this forum, but, yeah, not the DPPA notes.

May 9, 2018


zise vulpea...

December 15, 2018


I confuse 'bitter' (amar) and 'sour'(acru)

February 13, 2019
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